The Walking Dead and Fearne Cotton.


I realised I had no pictures for this post, so I did a cheeky lil’ photoshoot. If you want the Gif. file to download for personal use, please don’t hesitate to ask.

I think I have died and gone to heaven. I have discovered Doppio. It’s a coffee workshop in Kentish Town and I have happened upon such as place because I semi-quit my job. Thursday and Fridays are now for my ‘freelancing’ stuff. Freelancing- aka DRINK COFFEE IN COOL PLACES. So, Doppio. Google it then visit it then take a picture of it.

Anyhoo- I haven’t post in INSIDETHEMINDOFJENN for a while because I’ve been busier than someone’s who’s really very really busy.
So what’s been occurring? Well lots of things really. I tried to get a Megabus to Manchester last weekend, but I missed it. I got one an hour later and sat in a grump at Victoria coach station drinking what can only be described as toilet water with some frothy milk from that £1 coffee stand in Vicky station. Alright fine, I got what I paid for. Apart from a Megabus trip to Manchester.
You know how I reckon I’m Fearne Cotton? Well I actually DID some mother fucking presenting and I’m really proud of it. If you’re a fan of the ‘Walking Dead’, zombie conventions, or me, check it out here:
It was for this new brand called BRACE CLUB, which is somewhere between THE TAB and VICE. I’ve been ask to do some more for them so it’s safe to assume I didn’t balls it up. Ryan was the camera man. I used to work with Ryan in Budapest. We like Ryan don’t we penny.
I’m concerned at how much my mood has improved since I started drinking this damn perfect latte. Am I a drug addict? In hindsight, perhaps CAFFIENE is the least of my worries and I should more concerned about how I was hank marvin for a beer the other morning.
Im reading Gina’s book, Mr. Nice by Howard Marks at the mo. It’s his autobiography and he’s like this crazily famous drug lord man who M15 employed (straight up thought M15 was a movie, didn’t realise it was an actual thing). I like the book because The page mentions Norwich (my home) and further on he talks about how great Soho in London is. I think I’m very similar to Howard Marks in some ways.
I just finished reading Rory’s book, A Clockwork Orange. Again, thought this was going to be a cute tale of lost love but there’s more of a visceral murder kind of vibe.
Also now noticing how much I need to read my own books, although in my defence all I have book-wise on my shelf is The Penis-Pokey book and Britney Spear’s autobiography.
I interviewed John Hassall from The Libertines two weeks ago for the launch of his new band, ‘The April Rainers’. They’re all from Denmark. Here’s the interview:
Can I point out how great and talented I am? Thanks. I not only present Boogaloo TV, but edit and produce it. Now watching it back, that’s not much to boast about seeing how amateur the final edit looks. Ah well.
Last Friday me and Hazel went to this new restaurant in Soho on Friday. It’s called Bukowski. Then we went to the Grump club but we were so full of food, we called it a day. I also had my hair cut at Gusto. It was free because i’m an asshole and complained last time. Hooray for assholery.
My sister got engaged. I found this out as she rudely interrupted my Tinder session by calling me from Italy. Well done Kirsten and RICKY JACKSON. She sent me a picture of a diamond with a Kirsten attached to the end of it. On a serious note I am really happy for her. She’s been through some shit over the years and now she’s marrying the most hilarious and kind man. I don’t say this lightly because I’m extremely funny so I know what’s funny and what’s not. Meanwhile, I was going to joke about my lonely existence with my cats, but even they’ve buggered off too. I jest, I’m fully aware of how annoying I am. I definitely would not date me.
My mate Alasdair fought a shark on a mountain and now he’s on crutches. His blog is better than mine and he’s only been doing it a couple of weeks, so I have begrudgingly posted the link to it here. (seriously read it though, it’s a hoot).
>>>> omg a blog BLOODY CLICK IT CAN YOU believe you OMG a blog:
Gina’s back in my arms (autocorrected to, ‘arse’. That’s odd. Gina won’t be my arse.) on Sunday. I can’t wait to hold her darling face and feed her eggs.
Last Saturday I did a photoshoot with JB for his portfolio. We did it in this swanky house in Hackney. I got a boob out so keep ya eyes peeled for that treasure trove of naked Croth.
Aussie Kate keeps doing things like making me nutroasts and bringing me Bailey’s hot chocolates to my room. I think she’s grooming me. I don’t mind though because I’m pretty easy. Keep em’ coming Kate.
So yes, I’ve been inspired to write a blog to help fellow freelancers. It might be one of those things I do once really well, then don’t come back to till 2020, but let’s hope it’s a banger. I’m going to start with Doppio. 
Thoughts for the future:
About to get my ears pierced.
Ellie and Louise are coming to meet me at The Boogaloo tonight for St. Patrick’s day tonight.
The new Pogue’s billboard when up at The Boogaloo today.
I’m annoyed about the builder who got his trousers taken off by a fox when I had MY PURSE STOLEN BY A FOX.
Peace and love kiddos oxo

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