Zombie Conventions and Delicatessens


Here I am enjoying my Lush coffee face mask and ridaculoosely good hair mask that I got free last week. It’s so good. I have horrible hair and everyone thinks it’s nice because I know all the good hair products that create this mega illusion.

Hello. I’m Jenn. This is my blog and it’s mine because it is. I am the only one that writes it. You know this because it’s uniquely written. Uniquely here means ‘badly’.

I bumped into Fay Tharmaseelan in Mango on the way home from work. Fay Tharmaseelan used to be my boss when I worked at Warehouse in Debenhams. I was only in Mango because I was rebelling against my own brain. Yesterday I bought a DSLR for give-or-take £400 henceforth I have to starve myself/ go without for a little bit. Anyway as I was walking home from the gym (I work out) I was like this in my head, ‘do not go into Boots, do not go into Newlook (because it’s lame and you’re poor) do not pass GO, do not collect two hundred OMG MANGO IS HAVING A FLASH SALE AND KENDULL JENNER TOTALLY EMBODIED THE JUNGLE FEVER IN THAT FLOUNCY JUMPSUIT. Anyways, that’s where I saw Fay so that’s cool.
Last weekend was Valentine’s (people of da world, Valentine’s HAS AN APOSTROPHE IN IT because the day belongs to SAINT VALENTINE). And I spent the most part with a living, breathing boy (as opposed to all the dead ones). We went to Hazel’s (hey girl) house warming on Saturday night. I’m really sad because I bought her loads of fancy food from this fancy food shop as a house warming gift and I forgot to take it with me and now it’s in my fridge going mouldy but I can’t let it go like they say in Frozen.
Sidenote- ‘The Middle’ on comedy central is properly crap. I’m watching it now and i’m just like no.
On Sunday me and the boy aforementioned went to Colombia Flower market. I’ve never been and it’s really nice. We had cheese with beetroot on toast, coffee and banter, because as we all I know I’m a bantersaurusrex.
The cat in the image below knows no love. He/ she was approached by a fluffy baby dog and went absolutely bat shit crazy at him/ her (look how PC I’m being with my gender definingzzzz). Anyway, I thought the cat was being somewhat unfestive considering IT WAS A DAY OF LOVE YOU HATEFUL EVOLVED LION BRAT.
Last Friday (weirdly working my way BACK up last week. Like an UPstream of conciousness. Damn that’s a smart thing to say. 10 points to Hufflepuff.) I stayed in and played on Dubsmash, then broke the internet with my Zoolander Dubs
I get Fridays off at work now. The first one I spent asleep because I was hanging out my arse (sorry family/ co-workers, but it’s the truth and I don’t want my blog to be remade into a movie when I’m dead and there to be heaps people saying, ‘she lied in her blog’). But, you’ll be pleased to know that I spent last Friday very much awake.
Sidenote- I don’t rate Karlie Kloss (is that how your spell her name? I think it’s with a K instead of a C because a K seems more… sexy… I dunno just feels right)
Thursday night I went to the Grump club and met up with some friends I haven’t seen in like totally forever duh, like ROSIE.
On Wednesday I met up with THE BOY AFOREMENTIONED. We went for drinks in The Star & Garter, then ‘In Cahoots’, which is an old train station in Kingly Court just off Carnaby Street. You have to do this proper wanky speech to the bouncer, ‘hello I’m here for a train’, ‘very good, please stand in the freezing cold for 20 mins to make sure I get my ego fix’, ‘thank you kind sir’. When we did eventually go downstairs, it was a right laugh. Forgot to mention that the boy aforementioned and I, met up with a girl I work with called Amelia and her potential new man. We then got interviewed by the boy aforementioned’s work colleagues. They were nice.
Look at this mint I found in my fridge. Is making jelly with mint a well known universal fact? It really thew me, and every time I open the fridge, I’ve had a little wander about this to myself. Thought I’d put it out here on the WWW.
Back it up back it up let me begin I came to win. Wha else? Tuesday I interviewed an amazing bloke called David, because he runs the board game night at the pub I live in, check it out here. 
For the life of me I can’t remember what I did on Monday. Once sec. Oh my god nothing happened. That’s sad.
On Tuesday I did a photoshoot for Stylist magazine. I had to go to the London Transport Museum which was a jolly adventure. I got a big bag of makeup as a thank you. When it comes out I will flood the internet with my little face.
I keep getting followers on Twitter (yay) but they’re all authors from weird states in America (boo).
Current position: Warming toes on laptop, watching, ‘The Middle’ which is a tad balls, contemplating another hot drink, proud that I’ve written this post, excited that I have two interviews this week (like, I’m interviewing people not for jobs duh), need to book dentist appointment, need to book opticians, need to cash cheque from Granny. Asides from that I think I’m nailing life lol not really.
Update ‘Current Position’: I got tired last night so CBA to post this drivel. Now i’m at work about to have lunch. I’m actually about to meet Jake in Victoria to talk about a Zombie (caps on Zombie?) convention this Saturday. Good thing I like horror lol.

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