Fish Sticks are made from Pollock and Machu Picchu is gonna be Cool.

Fish Sticks are made from Pollock and Machu Picchu is gonna be Cool.


After spending a weekend at home (Southwold) and having yet another D&M with Marj (what I call my mum. I got it from Austin Powers when that Dutch bloke says, ‘farja’ (instead of ‘Father’) and I changed it to Marja and now it’s just Marj). Came away feeling tres excite but also tres full of apple pie pud pud.

Here’s Gerry wearing a hat that says Bo$$ on the set of Prime Suspect. They were filming at The Boogaloo, where I live, so this is what was causing ‘that BLOODY racket’ when I woke up on Monday. The crew were confused to see me in my dressing gown.


Also hung out with the cats who hate me, ate loads of jelly snakes, then some fish sticks, which are (after some intense research) made of Pollock. This sounds like bollock, and that my friends, is funny.

Seeing as I’m hanging up the ol’ job lark and going freelance (HAHAHAHAHAH), thought I’d book a trip somewhere between life-chapters. I chose Peru- so as of 28th Dec I shall be there for A WHOLE FREAKING MONTH, so if you’re about come and say hello (not if I don’t know you. If I’m half way up bloody Machu Picchu and you jump out at me, I’m going accidentally poo myself, then some poor Inca is going to have to clean up the whole sad mess).

It cost £500 return, which is, according to Google, really reasonable. Google is like my controlling boyfriend. Let me explain- if I thought something was UNREASONABLE, and Google says otherwise, I’d be like, well if you think so Google, I’ll just go back to darning your SEO.

Peru is supposed to be amazing. And I can go to Machu Picchu, which has been a dream of mine for like a whole 48 hours. Apparently the Incas are dope and I’ll see a butt-tonne of beautiful landscapes, which to be honest have been lacking in my life.

It really will be a good break for me and help to retune my outlook on lifehjhjZzzzzzzzzzzzz sorry how boring is this.


Asides from finding myself, I went to Barcelona weekend before last with the agency I work at (the picture above shows me and Gina on our bed in the villa)  It was a super special treat from our bosses. I won’t lie, (never lie) the nearest thing I got to seeing Barcelona was the airport. I have never been so consistently smashed for two days straight. Christian got naked and I was sort-of naked, running around covered in soot. Gina and I won best ‘print ad of the year’ which was nice and everyone feels a lot more close to one another now. We played a 1-minute blockbuster game, where you had to act out a movie. Our team chose Home Alone.


I did bugger all for Halloween. I’m not really into it. Although I will I BLOODY WILL give Mitchell Jenkins a shout out for his tremendous efforts with becoming the little girl from Sia’s music video for Chandelier. I love you.

Richard Dawkin was in da house by house I mean The Boogaloo on Thursday and I was meant to interview him but I didn’t because I was busy killing myself at work with Gina. The presenting career is going well kids. Just you wait.


Here’s a selfie I took when I ate too much cheese on Sunday and gave myself mild self inflicted acne.

What else is new? Lemme (lemme is not a real word) check my iCal. Okay so I had my appraisal at work- to summarize there’s some stuff I’m good at and other stuff I’m not good at. Really feel like my life will go like this till I die.

Gina’s sat opposite me talking about Victoria’s Secrets. If there were ever a brand called ‘Jennifer’s Secrets’, it would be horrible. Nobody wants that. It would be a shop full of like… hair extensions and slinkys. You know those tat shops you get in weird seaside towns?

I digress. Also wanna holla (say wanna holla out loud- feels good) at this EX FAMOUS INSTAGRAM GIRL who’s quit quinoa or something. Nah I’m being a bitch. She’s freaking awesome and has outed the whole dumb ‘Instafame’ thing, which quite frankly I am starting to find depressing. She’s called Essena O’Neil- check out it NOW NOW NOW NOW. Then go listen to a band called Sticky Fingers then drink some ginger tea and dunk digestives in it because it almost feels healthy then go buy the new foundation from Max Factor then Skype your friend James then go to bed and put some Lavender Oil on your pillow because you’re fucking addicted.


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