I had corn fritters with Kirsten and it turns out that I’m not very bohemian.

I had corn fritters with Kirsten and it turns out that I’m not very bohemian.

I’m trying to make my blog all deep and jiggy with it, by documenting my bohemian existence, but then I took a picture of a pigeon which reminded me that I am neither 1. A good photographer 2. Bohemian. 


My sister came to visit. It dawned on me the other day that I have a sister- of course i’ve known this fact for a little over 24 years (including the early years when I probably didn’t think about much at all- I wasn’t even aware that pooping yourself and expecting others to clean you up was breaking several social barriers) and it’s kind of cool to have another you, who’s gone through the same motions with the same doting, if somewhat misguided, parents (Mum I’m referring to the time you made me a dress out of a curtain). So there she is, with her boyfriend, who is really nice. We went for breakfast at an Aussie-run cafe called, Lantana in Fitzrovia. I had corn fritters and took a birds eye picture of my food which I won’t upload because it’s boring.


Do you what really bothers me? 8 falafels. When you’re buying your weekly lunch things, the last thing you need is another trip to M&S on a Friday afternoon to buy another packet of 8 because you need TWO MORE for your bloody homemade falafel wrap. But of course, M&S knew what they were doing When they opened that friggin penny market that they keep banging on about in their adverts. I bet Mark said to Spark, ‘I’ll tell you how we’ll keep the business afloat and some predicted income, we’ll sell 8 falafels, so the people have no choice but to come back and get a whole new packet just for their Friday supper. I can’t even go to Sainos or Tescos because they don’t even sell friggin falafel balls. But it’s good to reflect on life sometimes- just the fact that I’ve even started shopping at M&S and not Tesco anymore says a lot in itself. I’m such a glamourpuss.

Keeping with the food theme, I’ve realised I’ve become a cliché. I had a delicious vegan sandwich on Tuesday, which was £5.50, from the cafe on the corner called, Mojo. Maybe I’ll write about them one day.


Last Friday, after work, me, G, Jord and Henry (Jordy’s fellow Australian human) went to Stevie’s house warming party. Here’s a picture of the gang being all friendly and chipper on the tube over. Fast forward to about 2am, and Gina finds me asleep in the corner of a room, on the floor. I vaguely remember trying to make new friends in the kitchen and falling asleep whilst they were talking to me,

Random kitchen friend: ‘…so then we thought we’d… wait, dude are you asleep?’,

Me: ‘What? no! I was just… yes I was asleep.’

Last Sat, G and I waitressed for our boss’s baby’s Christening. We ate a lot of finger sarnies, teen tiny cakes and expensive champagne. I will openly admit that I am obsessed with my boss’s baby. I even have a picture of him next to my desk. If you think it’s weird then you’re correct.

On Tuesday this week, me and G went to the Grump club for the Frieze after party. I can’t say I care too much about art, I just went for the free booze, which I think is  a healthy way to approach life. We didn’t take any selfies which is a shame because we both looked genuinely banging. I wore red velvet trousers which I went from telling people that they were ‘vintage’… after the free booze however the truth came out, which was that they were £3 from Primark sale in Leeds. Also at said party, this magician called Max told me to write secretly write down my favourite song, which he would then play later in the night on the piano. AND HE DID AND IT WAS ACTUAL MAGIC… and just when I was about to accept that the whole Hogwarts was thing was a lie. 


This is a little insight to my work week. Two genuine searches in my Google history. What the fuck am I doing.

Current life update- sat at work with G. Gettin’ ma hair did on Friday (highlights in the roots can I get a say wha). Tonight we’re going to see Stevie (G’s sister) do her comedy sketch (Massive Dad) followed by lots of alcohol.

Is it weird that I keep putting, ‘floss teeth’ into my to-do lists?


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