6.23pm. London.

I Think You’re Well Lush. 

So my
makeup bag resembles the reduced shelf in Boots. I ain’t got no time for
expensive beauty products.

the good guys at Lush don’t mess about when it comes to cosmetics, and turns
out they do more than just bath bombs.

products are ethical and jam packed full of the most wonderful ingredients. No
bollocks, just straight up nature.

that you should abuse their generosity, but if you swing by any branch, they’re
more than willing to filling up some pots with different things to try. You
don’t even need to buy anything- unlike some
makeup counters where you have to remortgage your house and open up like 7
store cards before they’ll even consider giving you samples of their animal

favourite from Lush is the face mask, ‘Cup O’ Coffee’. If you like coffee then
my god are you in for a treat. It may look like that crap you get when you burn
rice in a pan, but it smells like Starbucks, Costa and Lavazza had an orgy.

nice young man (as if I used this phrase now, someone kill me before I hit 25)
who served me randomly gave me a whole pot for free, with a little note, ‘Love
from Joe, pass it forward.’ And for all you haterz, he wasn’t hitting on me cos
he was gay, kay? (I also know this because he told me about his ex. Shit got
deep.) It normally costs £6.50, which is ridiculously cheap. I passed my
savings forward by passing myself a glass of wine in the Groucho last night.
Felt good to do myself a favour.


say on their website about ‘Cup O’ Coffee’, “Just around the corner there’s a rainbow in the sky.
So let’s have another cup o’ coffee and let’s have another piece o’ pie!” god
knows what they mean by that, but happy days for groovy packaging.

Basically Lush, I think
you’re well Lush.


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