I’m on a sugar free diet at the mo and you’d be right in guessing it’s as much fun as it sounds. Coffee tastes so bad. Bananas are out. I’m a different woman and i’m moving on. 

So anyhow, I’ve sweetened my prodigy (hahaha meant to write porridge, but hey fuck it) with nuts and coconut milk this morning. Not bad really. Tastes a bit like rice pudding. Which may I add, I had a can of on Sunday night (ok i’ve been on the no sugar diet for 24 hrs now). 

Last Fri I threw an amazing Halloween party in the office (pic 1). There was literally nothing spooky left in the WHOLE OF LONDON to buy, so I draped white cloth over hello kitty balloons so they looked like ghosts. I’m a genius, it has been said. 

Just remembered i’ve got a few packets of olives and chicken and stuff left over from the shoot (we’ll get to that) left in the fridge at home. Damn. Should have brought them in for my lunch. 

So yeah the shoot at the weekend was fun. I basically had to stand around and nod at the right times. Gina did all the hard work directing the shoot. Silver lining to forgoing my weekend? (note- not even sure how to use the word forgoing but i’m trying to sound a little more intellectual in my blog writing. It makes me sound whacky with a good schooling (almost sure I can use schooling there. Or is that something to do with fish? Who knows. Who cares? Not I.




  1. 1.

    education received at school.
    “his parents paid for his schooling”
    synonyms:educationteachingtuitioninstruction, tutoring, tutelagepedagogy,andragogy; More

  2. 2.

    the training of a horse on the flat or over fences.
    “schooling fences”
    synonyms:training, coaching, instructiondrill, drilling, discipline, disciplining;More

    Ite, say I care a little bit. Well sod it- I was right! (I’m referring to definition 1, I am mortally terrified of horses and never been one to hold a drill.))) 

    Back to the silver lining- I got to work with some of the BUFFEST MEN I HAVE EVER SEEN WITH MY EYES (see picture 4 for the chiselled chaps). Slap me silly and call me wendy those men ARE HOT. But they’re hot because they’ve worked really hard for it. I mean like REALLY hard. They don’t even booze or eat cake. And that’s all I tend to do apparently, hence the sugar free diet. Oh bugger just realised I haven’t tried this stupid fad with booze yet. Maybe i’ll get so drunk, i’ll forget I drank alcohol the next day? I smell flawed logic. I wonder what flawed logic would smell like. Probably a Bacardi Breezer. 

    Do you like the second picture of me? My T-shirt says, ‘Linda’s Passion Party’. There was deffo a passion party in that kitchen. I was cooking all sorts of mental things like tuna and brown rice. I thought the picture was a nice little insight into my party animal lifestyle. I genuinely have fun and go out. 

    Third picture is equally as hot. Gee and I decided after being around the buff squad all weekend, that we would make a ham hock pizza and then chow down on some tea cakes. We decided that changing out of our pyjamas wasn’t entirely nessecary. It’s funny that once you’re suddenly categorised into ‘those pyjama wearing Sainsbury’s gals’, you suddenly start looking for fellow weirdos. And it’s amazing, suddenly you realise that everyone in Sainsbury’s on a Sunday night are totally high and looking for snacks. One guy actually yelled, ‘omg mate look at that pile of beetroot.’ He had a point, there literally was a pile of beetroot nestled amongst the discount sandwich shelf. It’s kinda like being a druggie I reckon. Once you become one, you see fellow druggies/ dealers everywhere. 

    So right now I’m listening to Gee talk about the boys from the ‘Jersey Boys’ production. I absolutely do not have the hots for one of them. I have no idea how our wedding may or may not pan out. Ah life, why must you make me such a weirdo stalker lady? Anyways, the point being apparently their new ad for the show is just wonderful. Hurrah, and sigh and swoon. 

    Really not ok with the Australian/ New Zealand lady who does the Body Attack classes at Fitness First. Sure, I rocked up half way through the class, but she wouldn’t let me join in. So I had to traipse back into the changing room this morning and have a really pointless public shower. I could have had the privacy of my bedroom and a few hours more sleep. I went to the gym last night and ate protein. I think I need to write this in the blog because I’m starting to sound like one of those diet type people. So far, the only thing to make a dramatic improvement to my general being is just stop boozing. Although big up to the no sugar thing BECAUSE AND I’LL TELL YA WHY i’ve genuinely got more energy. Crazy innit?

    Let’s look into the future life of Croth. Shit me this blog would be the perfect way for someone to know exactly where I was at all times. Nobody stalk me please, I’m extremely boring and not a very good runner. 

    OoooooOoo the future… Lex’s birthday party this weekend. We’re going roller blading. I have to at some point go to Norwich and collect my bike from father Croth. Not annoying at all. Cheers DAD.

    Oh and sneaky reminder- everyone tune in to mine and Gina’s radio show, ‘The Noughtie Sunday Show’, on Soho Radio.



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