A simple cardigan with a sparkly twist! Really jazzes up plain outfits, or can be a statement when wearing formal clothing. 

I will answer any questions and always post either same day or next day latest! 
Thanks for looking, and good luck bidding,
HAHAHAHAHHA IM ACTUALLY CRYING WITH LAUGHTER. This ^ was written by me for my ebay account. I obviously wrote it in my ‘Blog’ folder accidentally. ‘Really jazzes up outfits’… No it doesn’t! I’m such an effing liar- that cardigan is manky and I feel sorry for the person that gives me money for it. 
Aaaaaaanyways, so I was suposed to write my blog yesterday, but forgot so now it’s Monday. How interesting for you all to learn.
Did the radio show last night, wasn’t ma best solo performance (these tend to happen on the D floor about 4am), but luckily producer Sam was on hand to talk to me.
Ah! I just realised, I haven’t blogged since then… well here you go it’s all yours for free on mix cloud, Gina and myself talking about the 90s, 00s and the crappy music we love so much:
It’s going to happen every Sunday 3-5pm until the BBC finally recognise our amazing talent and stick us on TV.
At work we’re doing some cool stuff for football, and this wine brand which means we get to cast a hot aussie bloke. Thumbs up. 
I’m going to Body Attack in like 40 mins.
This picture I’ve used for this blog post is one I took Sunday morning, after my horrific Norwich night out ordeal (I say ‘ordeal’ but it was definitely self inflicted.) I’ve put the chrome filter on it so you can’t quite see all the spots on my forehead.
I went home for the weekend, which was INTERESTING to say the least. I went for a curry with dad on the Saturday eve, then went out, then someone lost my hat, then I detoured to Taverham, then I went to Wroxham.
Making heaps of new buddies at the Groucho at the min. My twiglet count is extremely high.
Getting paid this week, yippee. Not sure what to buy y’know- was thinking about getting a fancy hairbrush but I’m in that phase where you’re near enough to Christmas to wait and get someone to buy it for you, but a bit too far away to be arsed. Bit of a dilemma to be honest guys.
Gina also went home at the weekend to spend some family time with her family (rightly so, would be confusing for everyone if Gina was going to have family time, then didn’t spend it with her family) and to also see Jordy a bit. Jordy is here. Hi Jordy. Not like here here, but here in the UK. She’s now looking at boat. 
Gina also keeps getting sad about halloween. She’s trying to figure out what to go as. She wants to go as Maleificent, and I want to go as a pigeon. I think if we sell it right, we could convince people we’re a famous dynamic duo. The evil queen and her pigeon. 
I’m bummed about losing my hat. I looked really cool in it and people stared at me, like look at her hat I bet she’s well cool. It was £25 too! Sad face.
Today I bought pumpkin soup and bread from Mojo, a cafe on the corner of D’Arblay st. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. And, to top it off tonight I’m gonna eat trout. My dad gave me it to take back to London. It was frozen until around Thetford, then that baby started to thaw. Word of advice- never take a frozen trout for a spin in public- my suitcase now smells a bit, which is annoying because it’s the same section that all my underwear was in- you do the math. Aint nobody wanting fishy under crackers. 

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