Guys i’m like really sorry I haven’t like blogged in like ages pls don’t hate me i’m like lazy innit.

I’m listening to that song Promiscuous by Nelly Furtado and eating hummus and soup with chicken in it. Innit.

Soooooo… good news in the land of Jenn and all things great- I’m gonna host my own radio show! Not sure what to call it yet but it’s on Soho Radio and I’ll let you all know nearer the time when it’s going on air etc. I think i’m gonna do my own poetry and then play some Nina Sky. It’s a strong concept with an edgy undertone.

My poetry is coming along nicely too. Here now, lemme free style for y’all.

What shall I poet about (can you use the word poet in that way?)

Poeting…. poeting… ok I have one.

Rivita lasts for ages
And Nelly Furtado is great
My T-shirt is for 5 year olds
Gina is my mate

See? It’s symbolic of my transition from Uni student to established writer woman that openly chooses to eat cardboard with beige lentil slop. 

My hair is in a bun bun today.

I might go to Pitchfork festival in October. It’s really reasonably priced and it makes me sound cool etc.

Well what about it then Jenn? What has been happening wit cha? I hear nobody cry… well I went to the comedy night for ladies who are funny (they have a way catchier name than that but I can’t remember it right now) with Gina to see her funny sister Stevie. It was great and we got free benefit makeup.

Last night I ate guinea fowl pie and lots of red wine.

I’m going to see my mum on Saturday.

I designed a logo for my sister’s dietician advice class thing.

Lately i’ve been a bit too tech savvy for my liking. I keep updating my software on my laptop and my phone. You know you get those notifications telling you to update yo’ shit? And you never do? Well I did, and now everything’s muffed up. Should have stayed exactly where I was in the software world. My iTunes is having a mare too- it’s gone and downloaded loadsa audio books. I love an audio book but when i’m bumping my rump to Lil Jon, it’s a little distracting… 


Dumbledore whispered, under his breath.

I got my hair cut by a nice hairdresser in Soho. It’s supposed to be FIFTY BLOODY POUNDS but he’s new so it was only £25. 
Oh I’m going to Marry Tod Doyle. It’s been decided. We’re going to sell pots and pans and everyone’s gotta be naked at the wedding. Potato.

So I’m excited about the future. Halloween is just around the corner and so is the radio show. Software is bumming me out however, but i’m a grownup and I know that life is all about peaks and troughs.

I’m wearing a well cool red jumper that I bought from Cow vintage in Manchester when I went to see my sister, which makes me happy. 

This picture shows my current state. A homemade carrot and hummus wrap. It’s disgusting but i’m trying to be healthy. I’ve eaten one everyday at lunch this week. The carrot batons are all kind of dry and stale too. The hummus is nice though. 

The picture makes me sad. I want to look like Mary Kate Olsen. Why have I scraped my hair back? I look like a worm with chicken feet for hands. 

hkjahdkjahdjkahdkadhakdhakjhdkjhjhhhhd hhshshjsjhjhdka hgjhahhsjjshhs shhhshshshhs a s  ak

^ I wrote this about two hours ago and I dunno what that’s all about ^ Musta leant on the keyboard. Or maybe that’s mermaid language. I’m pretty sure i’m part mythical beast. I was thinking a unicorn but i’m not a big fan of horses.


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