So basically lots of stuff happened like I went to Australia (see pics 1 & 2 with the loves of my life and then having an awkward solo tourist picture on harbour bridge), I got employed, Jeff left, Gina grew a third arm and I bought a bra from H&M.

But I can’t be bothered to tell you or myself or Tumblr what went on because, and family you’ll be pleased to know, most of these events happened in and around a lot of alcohol and I can’t remember/ have shoved the memories to the back of my mind. In particular, buying the bra from H&M.
So anyway, I sense a thunderstorm is a’coming and now i’m going to write a ‘things I can’t afford but will inevitably happen’ list, such as Sziget music festival, shoes, and tickets to see Monty Python.
With the 7@6 ladies we launched our new campaign for Look Good Feel Better charity. It’s basically this organisation that helps women fighting cancer, to do their makeup, which is something I strongly believe in. I wrote some copy for the campaign to the effect of, ‘makeup is every woman’s right, and Cancer doesn’t get to take that away’. That kinda sums up why i’m so passionate about it. So bugger you Cancer. Check it out below.
I’ve developed a new habit- not sure if it’s a good or bad one. Good in the sense that i’n branching out and trying new things, bad in the sense that it is eating Big Tasties from McDonalds. They’re so good, although on my birthday evening I wound up at a bus stop dipping a hot apple pie into a Mc Flurry, and some 17 year old stared at me, disgusted…
‘Ew gross, are you dipping your Mc Nuggets in your Mc Flurry?’
‘McFuck off you little shit, i’m 23 and can do what I want.’
Oh I caught up with Trev last Friday. On that note, I’m a strong believer in Thursday being the new Friday. So technically Trev and I saw each other on Saturday, and today is Friday, which means I’ve missed Thursday and also my train home. Bollocks. 
Anyways, on planet earth, Gina reckons the world is going to end soon. By soon I mean 50 years. This is a bit sad because I always planned to have blue hair in my 90s, but looks like i’m gonna have to crack on with that in my 60s- oh life you squeezey plum, whatever will you throw at me next? I hope it’s not a scared hedgehog because i’d definitely drop it then have murder on my hands, a bit like Macbeth’s wife, darn spot. 
I’ve fallen out with almonds recently. I was well into them, and now i’m like agh man I don’t wanna hang out, but you’re here now and whoops in you go. 
Me and gee danced and ate chips with Miss Delevingne and Ellie Goulding (pic no. 3) boast boast boast etc etc etc yeah it was actually the coolest but I literally wasn’t bothered/ definitely tried to snog Gina in an attempt to make a scene, bugger. 
Then Pic no. 4 there we are chilling on the beanbags in VIP. 
I got my hair highlighted last night in this salon called Splash. It was terrifying, and the man kept stroking my chin telling me I was pretty, but he did a good job so I guess the stroking wasn’t too bad after all.
The last picture is mainly put up there because it will never not be funny.
Hey everyone, lots has happened in my life so i’m going to list some of it now, because I wanna get back into the shwing of blogging (I reckon there’s a solid 20% of people reading like like, ‘yeyyy’ and the other 80% like, ‘really Jenn? did you not get the hint when NOONE noticed you had stopped?’
Ahem (cheeky Umbridge cough there)
-My birthday came and went, i’m 23.
-Almonds are not my friends
-Fake tan is my friend
-Gina’s gone to Portugal to surprise Roy
-Gerry and Gina both bought me the same birthday card, lol
-Gaffy came to play ping pong in Shoreditch
-Peaches got expensive so i’m now onto Nectarines
-I’m trying to get out of paying for the football sweepstake at work
-Ali is coming to visit this weekend
-I bought flares and now regret it
-I have a boyfriend
-Now I’m lying

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