First picture is of me and Gee. Lots of love.

We saw Declan on yesterday, he was on a shoot or something. We went for a drink, then I cried because it’s a hard knock life. So there’s a picture of firstly all our pinny pin pins, and then of Gee and Dec. We also re-enacted a David Attenborough documentary, following the life of a hipster (we videoed Dec).

So that was all good. What else? Oh yeah went home to Norwich last weekend, saw father bear, Kirsten and Donna. My train was at 7pm on Friday, I missed it, so rebooked for 9.30, missed that one too, then eventually rocked into N-town about 12.30. Dad was jolly so that’s ok.

Slept like a… a what? What sleeps deeply? I’ll tell ya what- me, in a bed. Warm and cosy, yes yes.

Saturday me and the famdem went into town, Dad bought Kirsten and I’s bits and bobs from Boots, then we went to Pret and chatted about life. Kirsten’s hand blew up (medically not like a bomb) so she went to the walk-in centre and I went to Topshop and I saw my friend Theo. I also saw Barry, but he rudely didn’t say hello. 

PIctures 4 and 5 are some Kirsten and I took on the rooftop of St. Gile’s carpark. Tres bien, tres… yes. 

We went out for dinner that evening, I had prawns, then scampi, then a trout for pudding. I’m kidding about the trout. I ate a lot of fish in hindsight.

Sunday I went to the car boot and bought Kerplunk because I think that Gina and I would enjoy it. 

Eventually I got home to the Boogaloo Sunday evening, to find Gerry and Gina eating chipsticks and watching, ‘The Kardashians’. I was so tired so went to bed about 10. 

Gina is a murderer because there was a grandad (I imagine) spider in a nook (I love the word nook) on our door. He was fucking terrifying, and she bopped him on the head with a pen, then smooshed him into nothing. When I woke up on Monday, there was a worm at our bedroom door, as if to say, ‘Hey, I’m the worm to replace the spider’. Like some kind of insect morals repossession rep.

I went for an eye test yesterday. Apparently I’m fine- although I think they may have damaged my eyesight during the test. The buggers blast intense air and light into your eyes, then ask you to tell you when you see flashing lights. I felt like i’d taken acid and stepped inside a kalediscope. 

Last night Christian, Baz, Button, Tim, Adam, Barrington and I went for an impromptu beer session at ‘DeHem’s’ bar on Dean Street. I drank lots of Frulli, which is strawberry beer. Then Baz and I made some menu alterations. Gee was around the corner, drinking with her famdem clan gang (hiya guys). She turned up this morning bags of treats from her Mummy, and now she’s singing, ‘WHO WANTS CHOCOLATE, I AM THE CHOCOLATE WOMANNNN…’ God love her.

I’m giggling about it now, but I think i stood in cat wee this morning. 

So all in all, Gina and I are having a great time. Fame is a little further away than anticipated, but amidst the wee wee, singular worm of spider’s past, and Kerplunk, we haven’t lost the dream.

Current situ? Gina is yelling about seagulls and explosives, and Christian is playing the soundtrack to some Disney film very loudly. Oh and we’re eating an easter egg. Later on we’re going to a production party on Carnaby Street. 


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