Just gonna bash through this one to get my mind back on the blog track…

Mum graduated, so saw Granny, Grandad, Kirsten, Trev and obvs Mother duck (bit awks if we all went to all that trouble and the bloody woman wasn’t there!) She looked great and we dutifully managed to embarrass her before, during and after the ceremony. 
The night before, I met them all at their hotel in Old Street, and my grandparents being the savvy drinkers that they are, smuggled some very expensive wine into their hotel room, which we guzzled. Prior to this, I had some dinner with Mum, Trev and Kirsten in their hotel a few blocks down the road.
The ceremony was at the Barbican. I was supposed to meet Granny and Grandad at their hotel to help with the wheelchair, but in true Croth fashion, I was running late so Kirsten came to the rescue. I got chatting to some guy who works at the Barbican and he told me all about a Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition (this is like 30% lies. I’m not sure it was Gaultier, but someone like him. Anyways, we spoke, and nothing came of it.)
Look at picture 1 and 2 for me by myself wearing my summer dress as a top (fashion bloggers, watch this space (literally don’t- I have nothing)) Picture 2 is me and Gran Of Croth (that’s right, it happening- my grandmother has made a blog too.)
T’was a lovely day in East London and after we bought expressive cheese (hahaha… rereading my blog for spell errors, and that one is staying. “expressive cheese”) sardines (they were NOT expressive cheese sardines. What the hell am I on about?) from the Barbican cafe, we all went out separate ways to get back to life. Kirsten and I went to Euston (where she got her bus) and I toddled on home to Highgate, back to my beloved Gee and Boogaloo… is the version of events that should have happened…
So lets go back to Euston… a guy from California said, ‘Hey man, I love your green hair’ (of course you do, I look great) *conversion on public transport in London ensues, leading to stares and the exchange of phone numbers*. He told me his name was Jime, ‘Like Lime with J’… He invites me to his bar in Angel for shots, so I go along, realise he is a weirdo, and end up having a night out with his friend and all the bar staff who were clocking off, which then resulted in a big roast dinner on Brick Lane the next day. All in all, a great weekend with loved ones. Loved ones being a massive group of people i’ll probably never see again. Oh and I bought them all a creme egg (y) 
‘But Jenn, why did you not treat yourself?!’
‘I did, voice in my head, I bought a card and a t shirt and a corduroy shirt’ 
Let us move along the timeline of my life. Hello Monday. 
SOOOO a new lady at work called, Faye organised a Minimart Soho Masquerade bar crawl. I was put on a team with my managing director, one of the interns and Nikki. It was a good day/ evening had by all, but my god we got drunk. It all kinda started about 2pm. Also awkwardly bumped into an ex, then started talking about him loudly, then turned around to see his brother. This my friends, is the kinda thing that would only happen to me. I was wearing a smelly grey t-shirt, a gypsy skirt and trainers. Not my best ‘groovy chic’ ensemble to date. 
Look at picture 4! That’s me, my boss and Nikki. Tomfoolery was had, shots were drunk, items were stolen. It’s all i’m saying. Picture 5 is evidence of having Noddy (Rory) in our midst. 
Thennnnn the rest of the week happened. This is why I should blog more- bugger knows what I got up to. 
Oh christ we saw Rory (Noddy to anyone from Budapest) and Geniveve! They joined our band of merry Minimarters, then we all danced to Britney.
Then that weekend, Gee and I were on the shoot for LGFB’s new campaign- Remember I chat about that super secret out of hours project, well it was for that. The studio was this amazing victorian high school in East London and you should all follow our moonlighting agency- @7after6 on Twittah! Pictureeeee 6 is a sneaky deaky shot of Gina and I being professional on the shoot, making decisions like, ‘shall we have another croissant?’…
So that’s pretty much how for now, currently eating my lunch time cous cous. Last night Gina, Gerry and I all ate Chipsticks and watched Keeping up with the Kardashians. We’re going to start our radio show soon too. Oh and I’m writing comedy sketches. The first one is based loosely on my 3 hour car boot sesh on Sunday. 
Here’s to the freaking Monday (an adaptation of Rhi Rhi’s classic lyrics, ‘here’s to the freakennn weekeeend’) and the rest of the week, tallyho!
I look like rambo in picture 3, and Gina looks happy. I bought that headscarf at the oddly positioned, ‘beyond Retro’ shop around the corner.
Oh I bummed in (do you like how I use this phrase? I think I do. Sounds kinda throwaway, but makes me laugh- bumming around, bummed off, etc) that last photo- contrary to the picture before it, here is Gee accepting the challenge of fitting into a metal box at work. No prizes were given, I think gee was just trying to express herself, a bit like the sardines I ate at the Barbican. 

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