Every Wednesday at work we have these lunch time sessions called, ‘Binge’, which means we get someone in to do a talk about something. It was Steve’s talk on Wednesday (head of digital, works opp. me). It was all about the History of online advertising and twas very interesting. I’m saying all of this because I want to document the fact that I do all the write ups for Binge. (When I say all, i’m exaggerating and so far i’ve written like half of one).

On Tuesday Jack and I went to Jo’s cookhouse, which is like Nando’s but 81903821 times better and they serve your food in baking trays. I’m one of those people who get drawn in by stuff like that. You know when you get served burger and chips on a chunk of wood and you dunno if it’s socially acceptable to squish out Ketchup onto it? Two reasons- first one being that it’s a known fact that wood holds shit loads of bacteria and secondly when I was growing up Kirsten (Krizzle, Kroth, K-dog) and I used to do all the washing up and my mother dearest used to get so annoyed if we put the wooden spoon in the dish washer OR washed it manually and tried to dry it, as it holds water and therefor must be left to dry out. I mean for the sake of a trendy burger, I don’t think serving food on wooden boards that have to be cleaned rigourously is really worth it? What do you think? Post all questions and comments in the usual box, ‘What usual box Jenn I didn’t know I could do this,’ (said the second voice in my head). Well i’m lyin to ya, there’s no darn box. Maybe i’ll start that as my next step up as a blogger. Although i’m more likely to get questions like, ‘are you ok?’, ‘i’m worried you’re taking drugs,’ or, ‘answer your phone love mum xxxx’ Maybe I won’t put a question box on my site after all and will have to suffer in a quandary of silence as I contemplate what kind of cleaning utensil the pot washer uses as Byron Burger, Honest Burger, Dirty Burger and all those slab of wood type places.
Talking of boxes, let’s take our blog journey to the depths of the music world… ohhh ahhh and picture this, Felix from accounts, playing the box, at the Boogaloo. If you can’t imagine it, it is because of two reasons. 1. you don’t know Felix 2. you know Felix and you can’t fathom him sat on a box like miss muffet on her musical tuffet. Well it happened kiddos, and it was great. Well done Felix, you can take Gina and I out for Breakfast now like you begged us this morning. 
I wrote that quite a few days ago now^ Gina said, ‘Jenn, you’re not leaving work until you’ve written your blog.’ But I did leave, and we went to the gym and now we’re sitting at Tottenham Court Road station waiting to go home. 10pm and my bum hurts (from squatting and lunging and rolling around the ‘aerobics’ laughing as Gina and I fall off those massive exercise bouncy balls (they probably have a technical name but who cares.)
Soooo if I wrote about all the happenings then I would be sad because I wouldn’t remember them all, so let’s consult the Oracle (Gina)
-Jordy left (we made breakfast in the snug as a special treat) and Gina was very sad so I made her a scap book documenting her rise and fall and her magic unicorn prospects
-I went to Northern Ireland and saw my family
-I came home to London and saw my Irish friends Strawbs and Eanna et al. We danced to Motown then I got thrown in a bin then woke up in a motel. 
-We’re writing scripts for Keith Lemon
-We went to a networking event for students at Graphic Bar in Soho (see Pic no. 1), from Buck’s Uni and scouted two little gembob moonshine cats called Soph and Soph. Holla girlfriends.
-I highlighted my hair and it’s definitely gold coloured, but not in a fun way.
-Gina and I went to the Groucho (see picture 2) and I told Jamie Hince that I had a sore bum from sitting down too long. He told me he had just been to a funeral. I doubt I was the ‘cheery gal pal’ he was looking for. Then we ate ice-cream and brownies and stared at Noel Fielding. I stopped myself from telling Julian McDonald exactly what I thought of his Debenham’s dresses and managed to keep it together when I saw Brody from Homeland.
-I endured a horrific ordeal whereby I bought gherkins because I quite fancied some and as I left Tesco I thought I’d have a sneaky snack for the journey, prised the lid off with full force and launched a gherkin at an unsuspecting man. And that’s not even the worst of it-  once I managed to eat one, they were disgusting, and now wander lonely as a pickle cloud in the kitchen near the account guys. Sometimes I see my reflection in their briny glare and I feel sad for them.
-We have approx. £0 between us yet decided to go to Primark at 9am and buy clothes, including a snood for Gina
-We got offered another placement in Shoreditch but also offered a maybe-job at the Minimart
-We bumped into the guy we auditioned for our commercial in Costa and now we’re buddies. Hiya
-I ate chinese food and regretted it
-We (lots of We’s- by We I mean Gina and I) saw Dec then hung out with him and Ali in Clapham
-We got three buses home and I think i’ve fully nailed the bus system in London. I felt like Gandalf the White, back from the dead, leading my little hobbits to safety (Gina is the little hobbits (that’s not very good English but I’m a crazy writer gal)).
-We put up a wall hanging in our bedroom (it fell down on me in my sleep and I woke up in a bed of pins)
-Stevie joined the gym with us- hurrah!
-We went to M&S with Sam (office manager but really an account extraordinaire) and bought every packet of pancakes then had a pancake party.
-Nikki invited us all to cocktails and a secret surprise party on Thursday
It’s now Wednesday.
Today was really quite good- three of our print ideas went forward for a campaign, I Skyped Noodles and maybe will now potentially not deffo sure yet might go to Australia for a couple of weeks. I’m going to Dublin next week hurrah! I ate fancy Tesco soup for lunch with Irish soda bread. Gina and I have noticed we go through food phases, peanut butter is the only one that’s really stuck around to be honest.
It’s Thursday (see pic no. 3. My hair is so blonde it’s kinda evaporating) now bye. 

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