Bloggity blog.

Well it’s Saturday and I’m in my pjs, burning my stomach with a hot water bottle (balancing laptop has resulted in this). I’m sat on the floor. It’s pissing down with rain. My room smells like burnt toast as I once again turned the kitchen into a bread crematory. 
Anyways, in more interesting news, this week is nearly over- and what a week it has been! Gina and I have been scaling the ladder of success, flying the kite of women of advertising, bulldozing walls of problems and challenges and generally taking selfles.
It was my Mum’s 50th yesterday, so she, Trev and Krothster came to Highgate, where we all had a lovely dinner. Also in sadder news, my Grandad (dangerous Brian) had some serious heart surgery this week. But he’s fine- hurrah! He’s kinda like a combination of Prince Charles, Michael Caine and John Cleese. 
Gym has been catastrophic- boo hiss! I know, it’s pants isn’t it? It’s just been one of those weeks. I was delirious from lack of sleep on Wednesday. I have bruises on my legs where I keep walking into things. I also think I need to go to the opticians. 
Also I’ve just had a successful 10 mins of life BECAUSEEE… I did my laundry today, therefor stripped my bed, THEREFOR KIDDOS realised that the mattes padding thing I use on the camp bed is too long for the bed WHICH MEANS YOU GUYS that I can fold the end over, creating a second pillow. Ahhh second pillow where for art thou? Well it’s bloody here. that’s where.
Things with the after hour lady club is going well. Gina and I are the sole creatives on the project so we feel very important indeed. 
A gargle of steaming water
The smell of burnt rubber
A hot water bottle
Is comfort like no other.
I’m really digging hot water bottles at the moment. Look at picture no. 1 for a full visual representation of the relationship between myself and the rubberised bottle of partially hot water. I find them more comforting than my electric blanket (which just decided the other day it couldn’t be arsed to keep working, so packed it all in for a better life as an uncorftable layer of useless bedding. Get out of here ya scumbag). It reminds me of camping, or being poorly and someone looking after me. DIFFERENCE BEING i’m alone. Feel sorry for me? No? Not sure as to why i’m chatting about hot water bottles so much? Me either, let’s move on.
I’m getting really good at poaching eggs. I was going to have an omelette for dinner then at then changed my mind last minute, because I’m quite a spontaneous kinda gal 😉 I decided to have cous cous with some out of date olives, mushrooms, onion and some balsamic vinegar for good measure.  
I spent last weekend with my Granny. I made bread, had a ridiculous amount of pillows, and fell in love with a lamp from the 1920’s (see picture no. 5 for pillows) I also made bread, which tasted absolutely fantastic. I want to bake more. 
Picture no. 2 is of the day I accidentally synced wardrobes with good old Meggy Ryan. I look like her apparently, I see it more in When Harry met Sally. 
Saw Kirsten today (previously mentioned but feel like she should get another shout out, g’wan Krizzle.) I’ve never been totally convinced that we’re related. There might actually be some truth in my Dad’s version of events- the quite frankly bewildering and ostracising tale of how I was found under a cabbage patch. As a small girl I’d assume those adverts for Cabbage Patch Dolls were just a new sbulletin as my estranged family once again made a desperate plea to, ‘anyone who may have seen me’. Take me back to the allotment! I’d demand, to no avail as my ‘parents’ kept me in their semi detached prison in Hainford for 20 years until I ran away to Leeds to get a degree and be generally quite well supported by them. I’m confused as to what point I was trying to make. Should have stuck to the hot water bottle discussion.
Picture no. 3 is of Gina and I being vain and just taking a picture of ourselves, using the excuse that we were both wearing pink. OMG WE’RE BOTH WEARING PINK LET’S DOCUMENT THIS MOMENT SO WE CAN REMEMBER THAT COMPLETELY INSANE MOMENT. Picture no. 4- Threadneedle Street. How sweet is that? I found it when I got off the bus in Chelmsford in order to get on another bus to Maldon when I went to see my Granny. 
My blog annoys me sometimes, I actually do cool stuff all the time, it’s just I can only remember stuff like how quickly porridge dries and god knows what it must do to your stomach cos it’s a nightmare to get off plates OR how I always misjudge crossing at a red light and nearly always get yelled at by people in their cars.
Thoughts for the weekend- buy cheese, write letter to J.K. Rowling about the ridiculous price of jumpers at Harry Potter Studios, Blog more, do some photography, write a novel, become famous whilst doing any of these things, particularly buying cheese as if you can become famous buying cheese then you can literally achieve anything in life. 

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