At work Gina and I are taking over the social media side of things. We’ve got to get round to sorting out a little strategy plan to propose to the rest of the company. Finding the time to do important things these days has become near Impossible. I managed to go through my socks and re match pairs up, but forget anything actually important.
First picture here I am Saturday morning having my favourite- beans and eggs on toast. I sat in the kitchen and read a magazine Irish had left out for me.
Today’s Sunday… I sitting on the floor wearing my pjs and new blue jumper (see picture 3… it’s really rather nice and was only £2.50. I’m expressing my boredom here. I went to bed about 9pm and read Game of Thrones on my Kindle my Mum got me for Christmas until I fell asleep) I bought from a charity shop yesterday. I think i’m turning into a 60 year woman whereby I have my sad little routine every Saturday morning. Ahem…
Get up and drink lemon water, take laundry to angry laundrette woman, progress our friendship by 1%, check out the two charity shops next door, try not to make eye contact with the owners as they blatantly think i’m a crackpot for coming in so much, take out laundry and haggle my 20p coins off russian woman, put stuff on to dry, walk back to pub, make breakfast, take washing back out of laundrette and come back to the pub. Wasn’t that a fascinating read kiddos?
I have these jeans right- you know the ones that are really trendy like high waisted and chunky? Only the legs a bit too baggy and they sell the MOST PERFECT DENIM CREATIONS in American Apparel, but as you can probably guess if you’ve ever been lured in by their extensive selection of over priced basics in any colour imaginable, they are tres tres expensive (i’m bilingual, didn’t get a D at GCSE French for nuttin. (GCSE’s are the grades you do when you’re about 15 and they’re really easy if you’re super smart like me.)  SO ANYWAY, I thought well I might as well get my own jeans tailored seen as I’m a cool London swinging lady who wears super cool denim. I tried asking ‘Nudie’ jeans but they only tailor their own which is part of the sales pitch this bearded hipster out of soho water tried to put on me. So no bro, i’m not paying £120 for jeans that quite clearly are so bad you need your own tailoring service. So anyways I toddled three doors down to this little Chinese (I assume) woman who said she’d do it for £12. Bingo bargain booya. Slightly awkward when asked me to put them on so she could pin them in the right place and I was all like, ‘ohh it’s fine i’ll just put them on over the top.’ MY REASON BEING that I was wearing these lacy pants, which annoyingly got really brittle (I dunno what other word to use) in their last wash so all the elastic snapped and therefore creating lots of very large holes. I got away with slipping them over the top. I always get a slight air of arrogance at how successful I am being in life, then BAM i’m wearing crotchless pants in a haberdashery. Life just reminding me that it’s not going to be plain sailing. Why couldn’t life trip me up, or put a red sock in with my whites? 
Enough about my wardrobe disasters. Because it was Payday on Friday, Gina and I threw a picnic for everyone. See the picture numero 1. We played darts and got a bit merry. I say only a bit because I think it had been a long week for everyone. I came home to the pub via H&M. I bought a white vest top. 
I went to the gym yesterday (after my laundrette session). I’m about to go now after I write this. Oh and I went to Holland and Barrett to see what the hype was about (what hype Jenn? There has literally never been any hype surrounding a store that sells nuts to Vegans.) I bought a coffee substitute (I literally don’t know why. It felt right. It tasted so wrong. Like weak coffee with dirty water.) and some green lentils only because Sainsbury’s don’t sell lentils. Can you believe that?! Well you better matey cos that’s how they roll/ don’t roll where lentils are concerned. I asked the bloke in there the other day to make sure. ‘Nah sorry, it’s weird isn’t it? Everyone eats lentils.’ ‘It’s ok, thanks anyway.’ ‘I mean maybe we’ll get some more in, unless you want me to order you some? What kind did you want? I can search for some nearby? Let me double check. There was a lady in here the other day…’ ‘IT’S FINE I’LL EAT CHICKPEAS GO AWAY.’
Andddd then later on today I’m going to meet with Gina, Jord and Stevieee to go enjoy Australia Day. 
I’m currently listening to Kimbra. The woman on that Gotye track?  I like her but I’m still sticking more to Lorde. Oh and everyone listen to Mother Mother more. They’re like a combo on the White Stripes and The Scissor Sisters. Beaaautful.

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