Well I’ve been going to the gym regularly which I’m impressed about with myself. Does that sentence quite flow off the tongue? No it does not.

So during my gym sesh today I realised I hadn’t washed (because I haven’t had time) my gym stuffs. So I smelled kinda bad. But I thought it’d mingle in with the other sweaty fellow gymmers. Unfortunately, today is the day that the most incredibly good looking man decides to work out, next to me. I nearly amputated my foot on the treadmill as I glanced over and got distracted. I’ve put a photo up so you get a good scope of just how bad I was looking. Safe to say, he didn’t ask me out on a date. Nevermind Crothy.
The second picture is great. Some bloke walking down oxford circus walking his…. Henry Hoover. 
I watched the NTA awards whilst getting a sweat on. I bloody love Ant and Dec. Oh and I thought that it was bad of ITV to bully Simon Cowell so much. You know in the Cinderella Story when they do that play at the end and poor Hilary (Never actually thought of Hilary Duff’s name before- Hilary. Odd. Anyway.) gets bullied by all those mean people? I thought it was a bit like that and I felt sad.
Tomorrow Gina and I are working on a top secret project. It’s very exciting, but I’ll have to go in early to get some more prep done for the top secret meeting about the top secret project. I don’t mind now though- I can now get into the bottom floor and abuse the fancy coffee machine as I know where the spare key is hidden. Mwahaha.
I watched a bunch of Ted Talks the other day. If you don’t already watch them, then do it. Seriously- when you’re losing faith in the world and mankind, watch one and it will make you happier by at least 1%. This one is currently my favourite, it’s about rejection and Donuts:
I watched that one ^ whilst working out and actually smiled and felt happy WHILST WORKING OUT. Never thought i’d say those words. And I still haven’t, i’ve just typed them on my self indulgent little blog here.
Also talking of stuff that makes me happy, i’ve had the absolute good fortune to stumble upon this Aussie sketch group. They’re so funny, so check them out too…
I think I might be in love with each one of them- in a totally weird and 100% stalkerish way. 
Bit of cheer for ya. 
I’m dreading the tube in the morning. I swear to god it gets busier each day.
Laaaast night we went for drinks with Zoe at Burrio East. A nice little hip and happening bar in Old Street. I was already pissed from beers at work. We were all drinking as it was Andrew’s birthday. Oh yeah I signed his present, ‘Happy Bird….’ cos I was concentrating too hard (this is my defence) and therefore forgot to be good at life.
After drinks Gina, Jord and I went to the burger shop. I literally have forgotten the generic name that all burger, chinese, pizza places have. What is it? Fast food? Kebab shop? Dunno. Anyway, i’m sure it tasted great. I want a burger now :’( I haven’t eaten dinner… I just spooned some chick peas, followed by tinned sweetcorn into my mouth. Not sure what I was trying to achieve. It wasn’t tasty.
My friend Sabba Dabba (His surname isn’t Dabba but it bloody well should be) is on the cusp of being great. He’s invented an app. I won’t talk about it because I don’t know enough and will say something odd.
Hooookay. This is now coming to you from my drunken/ hungover stupor in Starbucks. Last night at The Boogaloo was fun. The rifles played their new album and I hit a lot of people (accidentally) with my stupidly large rucksack. It’s not one of those cool hipster rucksacks from Urban Outfitters either. It’s Kickers and it’s from Sports Direct. 
Then we have me wearing my pretty new dress. It was in the sale at Urban Outfitters. Me and Gina bought £100 worth of stuff and the poor sod at the till put it all through wrong so we only paid £50, hurrah! but also boooo! because I feel bad that he probably/ most definately will get in trouble for that. I’m holding water because I was drinking it. 
The picture of me with coins in my face is one I found on my trusty old iPhoto booth. I think I had run out of inspiration for pictures to put on ‘da blog’. They were the last of my chocolate pennies and I probably thought it was really funny at the time.
Also OMG Gina is the best because she took me to Harry Potter studios. It was probably the best day of my life and Butterbeer is so disgusting it’s delicious. The picture after is me demonstrating my emotions towards Gina.
ALSOOOO Gina and I are thinking we’re going to go to AMERICA this Summer. AND we might go to Ireland in March because that is what we want to do.

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