The photograph of me today is sad because I miss Gina, but have immediately replaced her with a origami dragon I found online. His name is Dreki, which means dragon in Old Norse and I am a big fan of Norse Mythology. Robin Jarvis writes an amazing series of books based on this. Bet cha never knew that about me did ya?

I cannot draw and have been drawing all day. My god. If you could see, (which you can’t because of the big bad monster called disclosure), my drawing of a baby, you’d be worried that I have never actually seen one before. It looks like a starfish mixed with some squished chewing gum on the underside of a table.

Anyways, where’d we leave off?
Ah yes Sunday- well I went to bed about 8. Fran from the bar came upstairs to my room and chatted for a bit. She’s great. Then all the girls from work went out. I however, hovered around the bar for a bit and watched some live music, which developed into some raucous offensive poetry about not giving a shit. I decided I wholeheartedly did not care not tooting poo, and went to bed. Then I couldn’t sleep so I started reading a book on linguistics that Gina bought me.
I had some weird dreams of various people trying to shout at me, then woke up to a painter trying to get into my room.
He was a bit scared when I answered as I had fake tanned last night, which meant that I looked like a melting oompa loompa. Turns out he had the wrong room. We’ve developed a weird bond this painter and I, due to Gina not being around therefore stopping me from befriending a weird entourage. So it’s happening, first up, the painter with no name. He looks like a Noel so we’ll call him that, plus it’s topical. ‘Late again are ya?’. Didn’t want to give him the satisfaction (Noel’s nice and everything but he comes across as a bit too smart for my liking) ‘No (Noel), I don’t start til later today. I’m actually up early, sod’s law really innit.’ ‘So why are you rushing around?’ ‘FUCK OFF NOEL!’. I didn’t tell Noel to shove it, I just stared then ran into the bathroom, very aware of the fact I was naked in a towel, in a pub, at 8.30am with a painter. What is my life sometimes?
Anyhoo, shower was showery- all wet and annoyingly hot then cold. So after I suffered a confusing episode of 3rd degree burns and arctic blasts, I hop skippedyied to work. Oh yeah, Noel made me walk under his ladder for a laugh before I left. I asked him if I could sue if I died cos it’s bad luck. He didn’t reply. I also found Noel’s giant skins rolling paper in my bedroom yesterday. Naughty Noel.
Tube, yeah, Euston, cool, got to work. Then did some drawing, had some breakfast about 3pm, realised I’m buggered for buying crimbo presents. Must do it this weekend must must must. Oh and I keep brushing my teeth at work cos I keep leaving my toothbrush at work. They must think I’m homeless by now. 
I think i’m starting to feel festive. Got a few parties this week. Minimart’s is tomorrow. We’re going to the comedy club apparently and dinner and drinks and more drinks and if Andrew’s go anything to do with it, vodka darts, which is pretty self explanatory. 
I’m keen to get home to rectify my oopaloompa demeanour and watch some more fresh meat, it’s rather good.
Fresh meat is a TV show for all you foreigners reading this. I do not take pleasure in going to my local butchers, grabbing a pork loin, then observing it’s meaty ways. Although I’m hungry now so I’m going to make a bowl of hard porridge tonight, fashion it into a pork loin shape then eat it… then cry because I will essentially be eating porridge. 

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