Yesterday work was great. Got briefed again on a new product. Can’t really expose the details of a lot of the briefs cos of confidentiality and all that jazz. (really boring way to start a blog post, but I need to make sure I write to inform myself of what the hell I did in London with all those hours and not just to entertain.)

Rhys left last night for Canada. He begged me to go but I told him no, exciting adventures on snowy mountains are not what I want. This, coupled with the fact that I’m already having an exciting adventure on a not so snowy (touch wood) London. Bye Rhys, you’re great, we were great (cry cry), you’ll probably never find someone as great as I. 
Goodbyes are getting weirder. I feel like I’ve had to do too many this year. Dear my friends, stop being great and irreplaceable. I’d be a lot happier.
Anyways again without disclosing any info, today was good but very stressful. The morning started with some last minute ideas, that ended up being used. Hurrah.
It’s now Wednesday, which came as a surprise when I discussed it being Tuesday with Sam in the kitchen over my afternoon coffee.
Last night was Irish’s birthday and Claws was in town too (Canadian beauty bell whom I work with in Budapest) so I stayed late to look at some time lapse videos, then scooted to Brick Lane to see her. I miss her a lot. I hope she never disappears from Europe properly. Seeing people like that makes you realise you take it for granted that some people are close by. I’m sure one day she will disappear into the mass void that is Australia, which has also taken some of the other incredible people in my life, such as Tessa, Ali, Macca and Noodles. I miss those four so much it hurts a bit. 
After I left Clawwwdia, I met Irish and Lou (bar lady, Scottish, wonderful, etc) at the Groucho club where I ended up doing a fantastic Jingle Bell Rock rendition with good old Paolo, then hung out with Muse, Tracey Emin, Morrisey and a bunch of other impressive people. Gina and I made Irish a birthday card. He loves Coronation st. so we made a kinda Britney Spears meets Corrie montage. 
Oh and now besties with a bloke from Lost. Going to see his matinee next week hurrah! 
I’m going to do Lou’s ballet aerobics class on Saturday morning.
Oh the Groucho crimbo decorations were great. Tinsel for dayyyys.
I woke up late this morning. Sleeping on the couch in the office cos Irish is getting our room decorated. He’s feeling Pistachio.
I really need to do christmas shopping soon.
There was a singer in Topshop this evening, she was brilliant, sounded a lot like Amy Winehouse, god rest her soul.
Last night I put on a vitamin mask that a lovely lady called Jo gave me as I was winging about my skin. Then I ate the free pizza that the work do downstairs had bought, whilst watching a woman sing some 80’s classics. I do hope my blog still makes sense to me when I read it back when I no longer feel the need to remind myself/ everyone what on earth went on in my life. 
I walked with Jo to work this morning, then she gave us all salmon and cheese bagels. 
It’s now Thursday morning so I’m gona shling this out there on the online platform world place.
Gina just reminded me to write about the fancy Westbury Hotel we ended up at yesterday for an interview about shoestring living in London. Twas fancy and then Stevie gave us dresses. 
OH PHOTOS- Ummsies okaysies… Pic no. 1 is Gina and I being very excited about free Malteaser chocolate on Oxford Circus. We later realised that Malteaser DO NOT have Twitter, what the Twit?!. Pic no. 2 is us trying to recreate a famous Dali photo- I’ve added in the original as a reference point. Pic no. 4 and 5 is me demonstrating the beautifying effects of Korean vitamin face masks whilst in my duvet hell. 
Final thoughts for the morning? Bagels are yummy, my hair is flat, coffee is now cold, and i’m bringing sexy back (see pictures above for full details).

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