Haven’t blogged for a while. I’m ever so sorry. Please don’t hit me. That would be quite funny, if I was walking along the road and someone just batted me round the head, ‘THAT’S FOR BEING SLACK ON YOUR BLOG CROTHERS!’ Ah fame, it’s a tough world out there but someone’s gotta take the head batting.

It’s come to my attention that my blog readership does go beyond three people, (me, Gina (reads it over my shoulder and tries to point out random places where I’ve completely lost my mind.) and my Mum (she only reads to it make sure I’m not failing at life.)

Now as I write this, Phoebe Snell is lying in bed next to me (see Pic no. 3). Hello Phoebe. I can feel the warmth of her through the duvet. (Sounds a lot weirder than I intended it to but in order to develop my ‘jaunty’ and ‘honest’ and ‘verbal vomit’ style of writing here, I won’t change that sentence, but due to the lack of boyfriends in my life I however feel compelled to point out that I do not fancy women nor do I enjoy the warmth of their bodies through the duvets. Now I sound like a murderer. Okay, I do not enjoy the warmth of a freshly dead body of a woman through my duvet.)
Anyways as I was saying, I have a fair few people telling me that they read my blog, which is good because it’s meant to be read. (Phoebe just said, ‘What you doing? Oh, can I be in it?’. Which she is, if you’ve read the bit above this. She’s wearing a lot of lip gloss and this is confusing me. I won’t ask her why she’s wearing it.) 
I graduated on Friday. Look at the pictures. I look great and really smart. That gown was a nightmare though. I think approximately 10 old people at different points kept readjusting all the bits and bobs. 
I got the bus to Leeds about 2ish (twoish?). 2 isn keeps autocorrecting to fish which would be literal nonsense if i got somewhere about fish. Unless I was being vague in my destination plans but the mysterious town was all just about the fish really. I don’t know anywhere like that. Note to self- find interesting fishing villages to talk about.
Laura Dove was on my bus. We shared some life experiences and some marks and spencer’s nuts. Laura is wonderful. Whilst i’ve been grumbling around London at 5am, frowning at the grey sky and complaining about the price of a flat white, she’s been saving children in Africa and building playgrounds. 
On Tuesday Gina and I took some clients out for some fun and shenanigans (this is as far back as I can remember so it seems like a good point to go from.) We went bowling and had a christmas dinner. Gina was confused by her main meal as it was COD and squid. She thought the squid was pasta. We also met the brilliant blokes from Gandhi’s flip flop. Hi guys, you’re great. Let’s go for a burger sometime, minus the water fights.
Wednesday? Can’t really remember what happened, I think we can assume I was hungover. 
Thursday was the day I left for Leeds.. so yay that brings us back around and up to date. Sounds like a rhyme to remember to tie your shoelaces, ‘back around and up… to date!’ No it doesn’t actually.
Went for dinner with Mother Duck on Thurs night at the Botanist in Leeds, then spent a night in a hotel which was just delightful. I graduated on the Friday with everyone (Pic no. 4). It made me feel sad as our three years had now come to a proper end (bloody December though I mean c’maaan.) Was great seeing everyone. Friday night we all went out (stayed at Tori’s house in Hyde Park, what a babe for having us, Hiya, Biya.) My night was cut short as Phoebe took a turn for the worse. When I say turn I mean she literally span a full 180 degrees and got stuck, which resulted in me doing my best, ‘WERE NOT DRUNK HELLO MY FRIEND IS ILL PLEASE TAKE US’, in the rain, in Leeds, so hurrah for gullible taxi men and boo to Phoebe’s final rain of terror. Needless to say, I was a little drained from all this skulduggery (not entirely sure if that word can fit there but I like it and it’s my blog) (will check meaning when I get wifi) (yes I most certainly can use it there) so I crashed and burned all Saturday.
Now I’m in a delicious 5 hour bus back to London (haha, editing this and that typo is definately staying. I should say on a journey, but technically i’m in the bus but it does sound like more of an ordeal by saying i’m inside of the journey.) So tired and oh so emotional saying farewell to my little Leeds. The sky looks beautiful. There’s about 5 different shapes of clouds up there, layered with fluffy streams that have been left behind by aeroplanes. Hey, here’s a fun fact- Australia don’t get those air stream thingys cos of the air or some sciencey fact like that. 
Now back at le pub. Wanna talk more about what I’ve been up to but I won’t commit (i’m sorry it’s just I’m not that sort of person and you would only get hurt) therefore I’m clocking out (is that too arrogant now that I know a few more people read my blog?) peace and love and merriment to all yea peeps okay don’t know how to sign off any more bye.
Also promise absolutely to blog more consistently. I understand it has become a massive part of your lives and your loyalty to my blog is not to be fucked with. 

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