So the weekend came and sorta slid past like an excited pipe cleaner (those fun arts and crafts ones you get. I used to steal them and also steal sequins from first school. Blogs are getting reminiscent of late and it’s making more sense now why I’m a total crack pot, let’s crack on.)

I just made a cup of tea. I made one for Sir Adam too. He doesn’t have milk or sugar- why you so strange? 
On Saturday morning Madonna ate some cake and then we wrote a novel together. This is because I was dreaming. The real, that is to say conscious Saturday morning didn’t exist as far am I’m concerned as I was busy in another dimension with Madge, giving J.K. a run for her ever deserved money.
Saturday afternoon however, I made a sausage sandwich and then woke up G. We watched breaking bad (with the cat, see pic no. 1) then got ready for a night of activities with the ‘aussie boys’. A confusing term as I now know a lot of male aussies. Ando and Jum are leaving which is very sad and I love them a lot. We’re trying to coerce them into dinner tonight because Titties is also in London! Hurrah!
We went to a pub in Shoreditch, which was full of fairy lights and Gina and I ate a yummy burger. I felt very proud as Gina’s little carrot crunching vegetarian teeth chowed down on some crumbly minced beef delight. She is now converted to meat. Hurrah for drunk meat! and Boo! to realising what your saying could be deemed very sexual hello family.
So moving on from sexy meat and fairy lights.. we bussed it (is that how you say ‘to travel by bus?’) to Dalston (how hipster of you Crothers) (talking to yourself because Dalston is soooooo last week.) (Still talking to yourself.)
I didn’t feel well and ended the night early after spurning Jum’s persuasive charm and making him commit to dinner tonight.
Sunday was a joy to behold. The dementors had escaped once again from Azkaban and Irish was nowhere to be seen. I stole a scarf and hat, decided I was like a festive looter (see me looking snazzy in stolen hat in pic no.2), replaced the scarf but continued with my new hat (when I say stole, I mean I found upon the stairs and took what has been there for several months now.) Gina roused about 2, we hooverd with Henry and got ready for the imminent arrival of THE MARTINS BITCH. Kinda like when Britney enters from the floor at the MTV awards, but in the form of Roy and Margie, less snake and thumping bass, more tins and blankets type production. Our bed is now decidedly too goddamn comfy for words. (pic no. 3 of us trying to get up this morning) So I won’t give you anymore words on the matter, other than these ones, to tell you how I’m digging my heels in on the matter, consider it closed. 
They then took us our for a slap up roast dinner, before going to see Stevie’s comedy sketch show, which was hilarious. We also saw Zoe which was super duper. Lots of love for the faces I saw on Sunday, but maybe not the guy at the bar who informed me his friend’s balls were huge (potentially mumps? didn’t voice this concern), I didn’t like his face. 
We went to bed about 11pm, after watching a few more episodes of Breaking Bad, then woke up in a duvet cage of emotion, which meant we were in one hell of a rush to get to work.
Today we’re working on a brief, discussing our scripts for TV, aaaand dreaming about all the yummy goodies THE MARTINS BITCH brought us. I could use the word ‘brought’ or ‘bought’ here, but I like the word ‘brought’ because it’s like, ‘wrought’, and that word makes me happy, although bugger knows what it means.
Current thoughts? Honey tastes good in tea, I look fancy with this bowl of apples and my cardigan smells like pasta.

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