Last night I ate a whole pizza and talked in length to anyone that would listen about the shockingly low fat content.

Gina and I stayed up working on the D&AD brief for the National Trust.
I fell asleep and dreamt about Miley Cyrus. I remember specifically asking her is when she says, ‘Dancin’ with Miley’ does she actually mean for it to sound like ‘mandy’ aka MDMA or is this just another urban myth I have have heard and told just about everyone.
I also remember someone telling me to ballet dance and to create the password ‘trouser leg’. Darn you subconscious, sleep is the one time I can think about anything freely and this is what’s at the true depths of my incredible mind? Shit.
So I fell out with my subconscious.
Gina dreamt about cream pies on her face.
Actually I’ve only just realised i’m mad at my subconscious so I can’t really get angry now. I guess i’ll just be bitter about it.
So many alarms went off this morning. Gina and I share a single camp bed, and we both have about 32178219,31231,3443 alarms. This morning I woke up to a remix of Mother Mother Hayloft, a recording of a dog barking, the nokia theme tune and big ben striking 6 FUCKING THIRTY.
Gina says that her face moisturiser was cold which is good because it feels nice and will reduce puffiness and that is newsworthy.
I’m scrabbling around in the metaphorical darkness that is the excitement/ happenings void in our lives. I’m excited about the void cos we always seem to be able to fill it with something so exciting, like a laser show, but on a smaller budget and less lasers. Probably get drunk with some aussies.
Now we’re at work working on a D&AD. I mean, they might as well make the deadline today seen as we’ve already nailed it. Nailled it here means, ‘already thoroughly aware that we’ve got our work cut out and probably need to give up either eating or sleeping in order to achieve our daily life goals.’
Thought i’d change it up with the photo and take one of us at our desk. I literally have no idea what Gina was trying to achieve with the spray mount. Or what the spray mount was trying to achieve with Gina. They’re a gruesome twosome that need to broaden their horizons and start to see the big wide world and all the wonders it holds. 

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