Russell Brand didn’t come to see me.

Luckily, I hadn’t waited, and had in fact gone on a gallivanting expedition across London with Rhys and Gina to do some sight seeing. The most impressive being an estate agents, whereby you can buy a flat in the tower, on tower bridge for a reasonable £1,500,000 (that’s supposed to be one and a half million but not sure.)

Saturday evening Gina, Rhys and I went to Embankment and had dinner, then all came back to our, argued about which film we were gonna watch, chose Fargo, I slept through most of it and now I still don’t know why anyone in the film was angry or wanted money.
Sunday was sight seeing.
Today is Monday. Which is the beginning of a brand new week, lots of brand new things for Gina and I to get excited about such as being the photographers for this jewellery launch, eating rice, attempting some D&AD briefs and becoming famous, which I hereby predict will happen as of next week. I’m still to figure out the finer details/ hurdles/ impossible feats, but where there’s a will there’s a way and I don’t have a will so should probably get one of those if I wish to succeed in this endeavour. 
I need to polish my boots. Must ask Irish to borrow his polish. I don’t even know if Irish has any boot polish, but he has some shiny shoes which means he either has polish or just buys new ones all the time. 
Last night I stuck around in the pub watching some live music with a cup of tea.
So yeah work today was good, then bad cos Gina got ill and went home. I finished off the TV script for Sudocrem, so all in all 30% good day, 40% mehh, 30% rubbish, and here’s a fancy picture of me eating pizza, as I write this. 
I can hear ‘Go Sally Go Go!’ booming downstairs. I’m getting a slight vibration on my bottom. Gina is sky ping Jordy. I got a massive splinter in my foot because I was trying to be wacky and have bare feet at work. 

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