The photos are a bit unoriginal at the moment as I haven’t had my camera with me, plus I look bloody adorable here. This is my reaction to Gina’s zombie proposal for halloween- apparently I’m channelling Wallace/and/or/Gromit.

So Gina and I stayed late last night at work and got lots of creative ideas flowing. Ideas being a recreation of the Hurricane that never came.
I feel a little poem coming on.
The Hurricane that never came.
St. Jude,
I think it’s a bit rude
To promise that you’re coming
And send everybody running
Into their houses
Like scared little mouses
St. Jude,
I wanted a thunderstorm
Now G and I are forlorn
We wanted a catastrophe!
Now what cha doin to me?
Judey Judey Judey Judayy
Literary genius.
Anyways so yeah we farted out some creativity in the office for a bit (insert favourite word here) then BANDIED about some ideas. I think i’ve touched on bandy (bandied, bandying) before. It’s a real word, and a damn good one at that. Then after we discovered the ghoul and got spooked, we trotted to Oxford Circus to Euston to go to Camden to go to our friends house to go to a hostel and drink. Now enter (side stage) The Kebab That Was Regretful. (Dunno where I’m going with this stage direction type writing but i’ll keep it going until I can’t be arsed or realise it’s not fun to read.) The Kebab was Regretful due to the fact I spent £5 on the bloody thing, then nearly died eating it. The whole thing of course was documented by the ever present Gina Martin. The character of The Man Who Was Disgusted at My Retching on The Tube would be played by a grey-ing 50- something who just wants a break in life but regrets his decision of going into publishing- scorn filled eyes but a face that suggests he may have once been in love. Undertones of veganism.
It was awesome seeing all the Budapest peoples, strange to see them all wearing shoes and clothes however. By the end, all Rikki could say was, Nem yo, Bosmeg. Yes Rikki, me too. Thank god for sweet sweet George to act like a kinda Rikki Crutch.
SO yeah, tube home, kebab fiasco… yes SO bedtime. Nearly didn’t get into our darn flat as neither of us had keys, luckily Irish was still pottering about and let us in. The rest is a bit hazy.
Went for breakfast with the reallifemanboypersonface, was wonderful to have coffee in the sunshine this morning. Lovely lovely London, lovely morning, you lovely little kaleidoscope of people, smells, sounds and sights.
Update so far today- we pitched ideas for a recruitment agency, then researched into getting chased by zombies in alleyways in London, for halloween. Gina’s excited, I’m terrified.
OHOHOHHOH (could be a topical christmas sentence intro, make of it what you will) We got asked to go be the photographers for some fancy do for a designer for a famous jewellery designer and an awesome interior design shop.
Swings and roundabouts dear nosey friends and loyal bloggies, swings and roooondabooots.
Blog has been saved by Gina’s pics from last night (see pic no.2) I think we all need a more illustrative insight into the Regretful Kebab and the events that followed. 
Oh god she has more. This is my tragic reaction. Jesus I look so self satisfied, what is wrong with me. 

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