Met mother bear for a quick coffee earlier in good old Pret on Thursday. She’s good and stuff, just generally being great at life and completing her degree, go on Sue, you’re killing it. She also bought me a granola bar for to ward off starvation mode later at work. Later, Gina and I ate all the crumbly bits off the floor because we’re so skint and hungry. I aint getting out the violins, i’m getting out the freakin string quartet… there was a mouse running around the office earlier.
G then watched our friend Jake’s documentary about Evangelical Christians.
Thursday eve we went to Pizza Express- the only place to be spotted on a Wednesday night. 
Twas yummy, although I am v. poorly at the mo and couldn’t finish the last slice of pizza so my wife/ food hoover helped me through this tough time.
On Saturday I found myself in a store cupboard of a pub, painting my nails. Turns out peach doesn’t go with red. I woke up G to see if she would like some eggs on toast, which meant I had to trek to sainsbury looking like an eastern european lesbian cult tribe lady (shaved head, mens clothes).
I went to a party on Brick Lane on Friday evening. This was after I got totally trolled at work while playing darts (it was friday, it’s advertising, it’s sexy)… the party was for a launch party for a new company called ‘Eatro’. It’s an amazing concept whereby you can order homemade food from people’s houses, and go collect it whenever. You just gotta see what’s being cooked and where then you reserve you portion. I hereby declare I predict big things for these guys. How might I find myself at said party? Here’s the story in a nutshell… I went to Budapest, met a guy who sang me a song, he came to London, he’s renting a room on brick lane, I went to see him, the people who own the flat own Eatro, they decided I’m a female Russle Brand, invited me and said man to party, I arrived at 10pm, battered from the wine fridge at work, and the rest is history.
On Sunday Gina and I made the most of the Hurricane by watching Breaking Bad back to back, migrated to the living room in order to barricade ourselves in, just incase the rain escalated from drizzle to quite bad. Then we worked on some STRATEGY and CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT and used our BRAINS. Then bailed to make pasta and watch the bands downstairs in the pub. 
I also Skyped Sarah. I miss her a lot, sometimes it makes me sad 😦
Britney spears might be coming to stay with us. Sounds like a lie. It involves English breakfasts and shipping crates on the roof. 
All in all, I caught up on sleep, am one step closer to being famous (well no not really) and now I’m back at work, drinking coffee and thinking about how James Rafter is getting along. Where for art thou Crafty Pants? 
I think this week involves Australians, Decky (Beccy and Deck, given up trying to say their names separately), catch up with father bear, nappy rash and call centres. Oh and probably a Hurricane. 
Jo just came into the office with salmon and cheese bagels. Yum yum.
Pic no 1 and 2 is just a quick example of Gina and I using our desk space to it’s best potential. 

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