Oh hey… you just caught me chowing down on some kibble. That’s right folks, after 2 (3?) weeks of total carnage with my darling husband Budapest, I’m back on the Hamster Wheel. And ya know what? It feels good.
I miss everyone all the time. I miss Gina right now and she’s about 2 metres away from me. Hey Gina come eat some kibble and nuzzle on our water fountain AKA the coffee machine.
I was going to blog while I was away dear bloggoogs, then justified it to myself that ‘there’s just too much going on to put it into words’. I tried this bit of bullshit with G, then realised I was lying to myself and the truth is I was too drunk or attempting some kinda hygiene routine which got in the way of ye ol’ blowg.
If you’re my Facebook friends you’ll know I had a jolly time, saw my favourite people, and took yet another 5 years off my life.
Onwards and upwards.
So I’m back the advertising agency in Soho. Had a peanut butter Kit Kat and cuppa, so truly content right now. Also meeting a friend for curry after work (not Gina, I have more than one friend.) (Yes it’s a boy, goddamnit bloggie woggies you’re so nosey) (I’m talking to myself and just trying to discreetly get away with announcing i’m meeting up with a real life boy man guy bloke type thing.)
I’m a bit ill 😦 Obviously I’m ill from too my fun in Pest town, but also I just had a strong coffee. *GASP GASP* Yes, life is once again a rollercoster of happenings.
I really like the word ‘happenings’, lemme check if it’s real. I swear I’ve spent nearly four years being a professional wordsmith (don’t snigger, yes a bloody wordsmith.) and I still dunno if half of the stuff I say makes any sense in any language. BRB.
Oh crap. I don’t think it is a real word. Hmmmm. 
I also like writing stuff like OMG and Hmmmm, like anyone of you gives a hairy nippling damn. Including myself (although I’ll still write it) Double brackets make me feel witty and like a really boring version of the movie inception, a thought within a thought ohhhh daring writing you have there Crothy, yes.)) (Is that enough brackets or are we lost in the bracket time force forever?) (Does anyone care?)
So yes, Budapest was awesome and I once again found myself face down in a KFC in the business waiting lounge area. An occurrence that seems to happen around three times a year. 



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