Good morning eeeeeverybody.

I’m sat here with G.

I am happy because I’ve discovered the fancy coffee machine downstairs at work. Take that Pret! 99p? How about no pennies whatsoever. (No offence to Pret, you guys rock. I love everything about you, it’s not your fault, it’s mine. It’s over, it’s over. Let’s have breakup lunch today?)

Anyhow, so I gots myself a coffee.

Daz (from the dynamic (??) duo that is Baz & Daz, creative team extraordinaires) is pumping out some Ben Howard, which has created a loving vibe for all the early morning cool cats in da house, lemme hear ya shout (don’t shout people are trying to work).

Anyhow.2. Today is Thursday so we’re a few days behind. This week G and I are back on the flyering bandwagon which has lead to me to handing out dentist flyers outside Scotland yard at 7am. Sounds like a lie, wish it was, it’s not, I’m tired, cya.

Hello Trev. We miss ya and wana see ya. Sometimes Trev is a successful advertising man, on Thursdays a magic astronaught man, Fridays a vodka shot drinker man and every-other-Wednesday a fountain of wisdom man.

Pic no. 2 is me drinking said coffee. Lots of red going on there. Not much else to say. Oh the jumper I’m wearing is from a car boot in Norfolk. Lambswool for £2.50, absolute bargain. #warm #maybetoowarm #takingitoff

We’ve been given a new brief at the agency, so have been brain storming yesterday and today. Before that we were all breaking our balls over re- branding the PDSA. Let’s hope it pays off (literally).

Left work early last night to go to the laundrette. The cow closed early so we’ve resorted to turning the covers inside out. Too much info? Potentially, but we need a big ol’ sympathy vote.

FYI cow here means annoying lady, not an actual cow. That would be weird and not sure i’d give a cow money to wash my clothes. It’s a thought i’ve never had before, maybe I would actually. Perhaps it’s something you would do to be like, ‘hey, this cow washed my clothes the other day.’ But then people would be like, ‘why is she a cow?’, and you’d be like, ‘nahhh, an actual cow.’ So in that context, this explanation wouldn’t be needed. It’s just the way it’s written. I’m the bad writer, you’re ok at everything don’t worry. 

Feel like i’m on a massive hamster wheel (massive because Gina and I would be both on it because just say life turned out differently CURVEBALL and we were born as rodents, CONFUSING FOR ALL PRESENT AT BIRTH, we would still do everything together, such as graze and exercise our tiny legs on a metal wheel). Wake up, flyer, work, eat, sleep.

Pic no. 1 is our late night stint at work as we googled our tits off. I hope this sentence reads how it is meant to be, as in we trawled through the depths of google images to create mood boards to make sure the client understood that PEOPLE LIKE PETS. People means VARIED CULTURES LIKING PETS. Varied cultures means DIFFERENT PEOPLE WITH FAMILIES WITH ANIMALS. Animals means VARIED ANIMALS WITH THEIR VARIED OWNERS, varied owners means DIFFERENT ETHNICAL BACKGROUNDS. Pet owners could mean ENJOYING EACH OTHERS COMPANY BUT ALSO LOOKING LIKE THEY’RE SAD BUT HAPPY. Perhaps they might be NOT TOUCHING BUT DEFINITELY WOULD BE REALLY UPSET IF THEY DIED BECAUSE THEY’RE RUBBISH VARIED OWNERS. 

Twas a long evening and all through the creative department,

the creatives were drinking, but not for enjoyment.

They were tired, stressed and no longer felt clever,

beyond keeping their shit together.

The clock struck 10 and pizza arrived,

this is the only way they could survive. 

Hometime was announced, and so was Baz’s death,

So everyone decided it was time we all left.

(made myself chuckle after putting in an apostrophe after ‘Baz’ because ‘the death belongs to Baz. Chortle chortle.)

Baz didn’t really die, just like a HAR HAR, we were all tired kinda thing.

Well wasn’t that a jolly poem about the trials of staying at the agency till the wee hours? Onwards with the story, tallyho…

This hamster’s off to poop out pooplettes of creative genius, catch ya. 


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