Rice pudding is warming
Of the heart and of the soul.
It reminds me of being a kid,
All you need is a spoon, some jam and a bowl.

This is my poem I just wrote. I’ve done nothing this weekend, other than eat rice pudding, so there you have it. 

Okay so I’ve played with the cat (we’ve reached a new level of understanding) and mourned the loss of Gina for a few days, replaced her with a Harry Potter marathon, Agatha Christie and Poirot. I love a good crime drama.

Feeling better now. Back to work tomorrow, already getting excited about my morning coffee. Some people say I’m addicted, I say I’m not addicted, I just can’t function without coffee and it’s all I think about.

Caught up with the Croth clan this weekend over the phone. Potential plans to go to Norwich this coming weekend to stock up on rice pud pud.

This entry is short but there’s not much to say. Just realised how close my Berlin trip is, yeehar! V. excited oh yes indeed I am oh so very much c’mon LADS tour yes can’t wait. 

Jerry just asked me to sell some books on Thursday. They’re about Scotland? Or the author is Scottish? I dunno. Must. Listen. Better. Scotch eggs?

Will do me good to get out of London methinks. Get some Curry Wurst, pretend to be cultured, take some snaps, and practice my baggage allowance sorcery with Ryanair. Mwahaha desk lady, the Croth is a’coming. How do you get 20kg of luggage twice the max. size? Ah (arrogant chuckle) a magician never reveals their secrets (weird pervy wink).

Oh very well, I’ll tell you.

Bum bag first underneath your sweater (you laugh now but that’s essentials smuggling at its best. Nobody questions the bum bag), then you wear your biggest stuff, and then the really clever bit is to take a sports bag and appear as nonchalant as poss to appear as though the bag is light as a feather (last time there was actual blood it was so heavy, could have won an oscar for my calm and serene demeanour.) Then wear the bag the opposite side to the lady checking boarding passes. This bit can sometimes get complicated because when there’s more than one person, you can be fooled into thinking you’re scuppered, BUT it’s the person actually at the desk that makes the calls on checking bag sizes.   (just re read this paragraph, realising what a cheap skate I am, just pay the £20 for baggage Crothers you tight wad!!) Anyhow, that’s my advice, I’ll print you a copy for a reasonable 20p on request. 

What do I wana do this week? NOT DAY DRINK AT WORK THAT’S FOR SURE.


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