On Wednesday night, Gina and I stayed at work until 8pm, got cabin fever and decided to go on a rampage around Soho. We ended up in a gay bar, drank wine, got chatted up by ‘gay’ men, then moved onto another gay bar in which Gina was chased from the toilets by a crazy toilet lady. 
We saw off the night with a shot of Sambuca, tubed it home and immediately passed out.
Gina left on Thurs to go to a wedding to be a sugar plum fairy. She looked very pretty.
Can I just get a big shout out to Tesco’s bean and barley soup. The stuff is glorious, and for £1.58 it’s a thrifty choice for certain. (Dunno what tone of voice I’ve adopted here, perhaps Irish book shop owner from around 1890.)
Friday should have been so much more fun than it was. It had all the elements of a fun day, such as day drinking, cup cakes (Pic no. 3) and cheap soup, but I just felt so tired I thought my face was gonna fall off, then i’d get annoyed cos there’d be face crumbs all over the keyboard and i’d have to clean my laptop again.
We had this idea which is the same as Couchsurfing but for animals and the agency seemed to like that, so I spent Friday scamping it up and helping them pin down the endline. You can see all our work up on the agency’s walls in pic no. 2)
Pic no. 1 is of me doing work and is solid proof I know how to hold a pen. Look at my dress, I look adorable. 
There’s a lady at the new agency who’s absolutely hilarious and seems to float into our floor and suggest things like cake and champagne, so that’s exactly what we did in the afternoon, followed by a game of darts.
Alrighhhty then, we all know that a Croth is as a Croth does and after work drinkies and afternoon champers, I was a bit boozed and as I toddled down Oxford circus the unthinkable happened. My legs had a spasm which meant I fell into H&M and as I fell, my hand got caught on this weird hat. I tried to steady myself, which only resulted in a freak incident where my bank card shot into the card reader and paid for the weird hat. I was in shock from the fall so hadn’t noticed the hat had unfortunately fallen up my body (?) and onto my head. SO I took a picture to show that I wasn’t lying and god forbid anyone thinks I actually like berets. (Pic no. 4)
Anyhow, it’s Saturday evening now and I’ve spent the day working out, eating and rearranging the room (after being inspired by some rope light I found down the back of the cupboards. I deserve a bloody medal of honour from the interior design board. The room is about as big as a bus stop and I’ve managed to make it look like the goddamn Dorchester.) (Dorchester meaning store cupboard with rope light)
For dinner I had a stir fry which I’m feeling slightly resentful about as I really wanted a roast dinner, which I have all the things for, but the meat doesn’t go off for a few more days and there’s a bag of what looks like PVA glue and shredded carrots (gone off stir fry veg) which needed to be eaten more (chance of mutation) so yes nosey haters and faithful friends, I had a chicken stir fry. Really very excited to have my roast din dins tomorrow.
I feel a tad guilty about this evening. I was supposed to go see ‘The Commitments’ in West End but due to a combination of having to go solo and not being arsed to go, I have ended up going to bed early. So I feel bad but after eating a cherry bake i think that being in bed with a box of bakewells trumps any frivolous evening. (Pic no. 5 is post Bakewells. Note the jolly rope light.) 

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