It’s 8.35am exactly, I"m somewhere in-between Diss and Norwich. I say somewhere because I’m on the train. The train smells like coffee, which is a damn insult as ‘the coffee cart is not available right now.’
Pic no. 1 is what I came home to, awwwhh Poppa Croth.
I normally dislike the ticket inspectors on trains. They always seem to be men who’ve just bordered on being a 30- something and middle age and are bloody bitter about finding themselves dishing out tickets, however as I climbed onto my 6.55am service like a scene in Indiana Jones (seconds to spare), a lovely bloke helped me on and even found me a plastic spoon for my breakfast. 
Anyways, by the time I post this I shall be at Dad’s in Wroxham as I’m trying in vain to the free 1st class Wifi. Us paupers have to pay for the privelidge. 
I left a sleepy G in bed this morning as I turned the bedroom upside down for my Oyster and Bank card- two of the most important things to have with you in London, yet the two things I look for last, hence the two things that are normally the cause for me missing appointments, and going from cool London ad grad, to total bitch with a broken suitcase.
On the way to Liverpool St. I had shared my carriage with a man in a suit, drinking a can of Red Stipe, kudos to you my friend.
Work drinks were interesting on Thursday- actually felt so ill on Friday I"m considering giving it up, or just not readily accepting a shot of Sambuca with my wine. Either or. 
We had our last day on Friday, which wasn’t exactly the big send off we imagined. Thursday antics ensured that most of the workforce did not make it beyond the duvet, and I will both proudly and ashamedly admit that despite my consistent financial crisis I managed to devour not one, but 3 bacon sandwiches, a peanut butter kitkat and a pizza. 
Pic no. 2 is a sight to behold. This image was taken at the carboot sale down the road. It sums up Norfolk very well.

Pic no. 3- Gina looks different. This is confusing for me.

Pic no. 4 i’m doing that ‘oh god look how crazy I am definitely just showing off my great teeth’ pose. Also got a new lippie. You likey? Good, only cost £1, fantastic.

Dad bought me that yellow necklace from corfu, a slight change in the normal dad- holiday- gift of a t-shirt. 

Pic no. 5- I got that jumper at the carboot! Hurrah. The picture no. 6 underneath is me trying to get a sneaky selfie on the train home.

Pic no. 7 is Gina and I going to Pizza Express courtesy of Mother Martin. We’re very hungry, I look insane. Gina ate so much pizza, she turned into one, which is sad because I’ll miss her.

Jokkkingg (really Croth?) she is evidently her perky self in pictures 8 and 9 (you can see our new office in the background.)

Last piccy is of me (noway)., sporting a groovy necklace and working on an advert for the PDSA, trying to steer the campaign towards a concept that involved me rolling around in a deep well of puppies (trying to posh it up, feeling like I’ve described a scene from The Ring mixed with an Andrex advert) for hours on end.

Why is it Tuesday Crothers ya lazy cow? Because bloggies, I’m up to my eye balls with briefs (get out of here ya dirty mongrels, I’m talking propositions of a non sexually driven strategic nature) (throwing in lots of big words now that I’m second day of my new fancy job) (probs best to point out that whenever ‘job’ is mentioned, it means working for free and selling my soul to the devil lol lol lol).

Anyhoodles, Tuesday it be, time is flying fast dear friends and nosey haters. Stayed at the agency until 8.30pm, independently walked home, got lost and felt like a twit. Now at le station. 

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