It’s Monday aghh… and in true London fashion it’s bloody raining cats and dogs. Got absolutely soaked (I’m sodden Jenny) today walking back from shooting the Commitments cast. Not literally shooting, photographing. I wasn’t requested by the West End mafia to put an end to good quality productions once and for all. Anyways, they were a lovely bunch, but I did get soaked to the skin which made me look and feel like a drowned sad cat. I cheered myself up with a peanut butter kit kat. 

Anyways it’s photograph time! And here, to take you through the motions is Croth and her way with words…

Picture no. 1 is of a footballer I met at Pitfield. You can see a slice of my boss James on the right. They’re cool dudes, we had coffee. 

Pic no. 2 is a fantastic café find I found in China Town (it’s my name too, geddit?)

Pic no. 3 is Gina and I whole heartedly cheering ourselves up in M&M world. A lovely bloke called Jerome showed us around the whole store and took this picture. It was a wonderful half hour and I felt thoroughly cheered.

Oh yeh pic no. 4 & 5, is an extension of the cheer and happiness felt in M&M world, and you can see Jerome! See, told ya he was nice.

Spurred on by the happiness and sugar rush, we made haste (why the hell does this blog sound like an Enid Blyton novel?) to get back to HQ, get ready, then get the hell outta there again in order to have some Saturday shenanigans. 

Oh oh before we went home we got chatting to the dudes in pic no. 6. They approached us and said, ‘Hey girls, do you think we’re good looking?’- conversation ensued resulting in organising a night out next weekend with them.  

Went for a run (blogging and running are my new habits, both of which are sticking like over used blue stack- really well then not very well) then left to go out on Brick Lane, meet with friends and have a jolly night. Instead, we ended up on a random roof top party with creatives from the advertising industry, by total chance/ mistake/ accident/ coincidence, however you wanna look at it. So hurrah! for randomness and boo! to not sticking to the goddam plan. Althoughhhh we did stumble across this castle on a street. Made me smile, made the blog, that’s just how I rolll man (trying to switch up ma writing personas in order to create this illusion that I have many sides to my personality (pretty sure that’s called schizophrenia and is never a good thing.))

On Sunday I was reunited with my friend fry- up. It was really good to see him and was one of those moments when you realise how much you miss someone. I dunno when I’ll see fry – up again but was cool to just spend time together.

Anyways moving along. 

I had a duvet day. Duvet days always sound really fun and something you should do on Sundays. Kinda like Charles Dicken’s version of christmas- snow outside, the log fire, the perfect family etc. Duvet days are hard to come by as Sundays are normally hungover and a day where you gots to get shit done. So the duvet day was good and I felt like a proper Sunday-er.

I’m sitting on the underground right now going home after a long day. A drunken man just threw down a can of (what appears to be) fruity cider (bloody waste). 

I’m planning on having roast potatoes tonight. Struggling for interesting day- details. 

Gina just reminded me how interesting my life is. We’re flyering at 5am for the next three days so that I can afford the potatoes I plan on roasting. HAHAHAHAHA.

Remembered I had gravy, g’wan Bisto.  


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