Yesterday at work was good and bad. I think we made a lot of progress but also got one of our projects knocked back by our boss, which was a wakeup call about developing tougher skin I think (Jenn you really have the ability to see the silver linings. Pic no. 1 was my actual mental reaction to the news. HOW VERY DARE YOU I AM A CREATIVE GENIUS LOVE ME NOW OR DIE.)

Pic no. 2 is just something I saw this morning in my emails. I am offically boring. A few months ago it would have been, ‘Hey Jenn, you fun loving little thing you, god knows you’re having too much fun to even consider looking at emails, but if you did, we’d suggest a paint party in Alaska or perhaps you’d like your hair to be braided by the rinky dink tribe in Bucharest, maybe free entry to a secret underground fun factory with Willy Wonka himself?’ Colgate and bbc iPlayer. Note to self- do something fun soon.

Don’t worry guys, off to Berlin soon which with some luck will drag me out of the hum drum and into the buzz bing bang wallop SLEAGHHHISH. 

Now sitting at work contemplating having a cup of tea.

Tonight I have to say bye to another Australian friend, whose Europe adventure has also come to an end (sounds like the beginning of a poem, if I have time I’ll write it). Also getting to meet up with a good friend from home called Reevo. Basically I’m going out tonight.

Oh yeah I totally forgot to mention, and you should all be aware that I’m watching a documentary about burglary. It’s entertaining and educational and it’s based in Leeds which is not a shocking revelation.

Pic no. 3 was taken mainly to bulk out this post. Gina is melting, I just ate a human.

Oh oh oh this is exciting but the guy I’m couchsurfing with is coming to London next weekend so we can hang out! Hurrah for hospitable Berliners.

Listening to DMX in the office. Croth gwan give it to ya (‘it’ being mind blowing daily content via an enticingly creative tumblr journal). 


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