Blogging… hmmm yes. A public diary where I tell everyone about what i’m doing. So what are you doing in the first picture Jenn? Well Mum, working for free isn’t exactly as lucrative as one initially thought, therefore one must dress like a Bavarian waitress in Liverpool St. in aid of London Oktober festival. Hey, it’s sexy culture, what can I say. 

After the prancing about in a lady like manner, we had a few drinks with a lovely lady called Lisa (I was an underground princess fairy apparently, see picture no. 2) I think I’m getting old- a few glasses of wine and I was more than ready for bed. When home, G and I practically inhaled a king prawn linguini, then fell asleep, fully clothed (G pushed the boat out and kept her shoes on too). I was rudely awakened by a furry bottom several times as the cat decided that cuddles weren’t enough and she needed to plonk her arse on my face.

This morning I woke up in Azkaban as you can evidently see the Dementors were in full swing outside (picture no. 3)

Picture no. 4 is of fruit. Gina took it. How boring.

JOKING… nah we buy our fruit every morning from this lovely* bloke whose stall is outside Goodge St. station. We managed to reconcile the friendship after Gina decided to do Dick Van Dyke impressions of him whilst selecting grapefruits. ‘Owhhh yea, lavly raaaand fruits ya got here mister!’.

*I’m actually on the fence with this one. He looks good natured but I imagine he wouldn’t share his packet of biscuits with you, know what I mean (nope, not at all you absolute loser Crothers.)

Oh here’s something useful you might wanna learn… fruit that you buy from places like Tesco etc have travelled around, and have therefore lost some of their nutrients! Some fruits that travel across seas have lost even more of their goodness, so it’s always better to buy local. I’m smart aren’t i? Of course not, you should know this by now. I got this info from my smart sister, she’s a dietician don’t ya know. (Oh right, so what is it you do exactly Jenn? I DON’T KNOW DON’T ASK ME… I’m a writer. What a cliché, fml.)

Last picture is of me right now, as I write this blog. I am one tired lady.

Gina is behind me sorting out an infographic we’re sending off to some other writers for some other project which sounds really great now I read that back but I’m just too tired and don’t want to play anymore. 


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