So it is Wednesday. Feels like the week is going slowly. But then again Wednesday always makes me feel like that. I can guarantee on Friday i’ll be all like, ‘Omg G, where has this week gone? Like omg it’s the weekend, like so good.’

Ah yes le weekend, going to Norwich! Gotta catch up with poppa croth and various other loved ones such as Hazel. (the good egg remember?)

Pictures 2 & 3 are controversial. In one i’m obviously working hard, then the other G found a better use for the paper- a new paper face for Jenn!

Pic no. 4 G looks very pretty, we’re about to go to work. My smile is fake, which makes me look like Meg Ryan on crack. 

The rest of the pictures are a little snippet of some of the people we work with. Now you can see me with ‘handsome Tom’ then G with Twatter, Lord of the Dance, etc, then what looks like Owen giving ‘Shit Tom’ a back hand? 

Gina and I are getting stuck into our own projects more at work. We’re currently waiting to pitch to our boss an idea for the company itself, and the Pitfield People blog is coming along swimmingly thanks to my lovely camera and G’s coding skills. CH CH CH CHECK IT OUT:

Lovely stuff.

Had a mini mental breakdown on Tuesday, nearly booked flights to my wonderful Budapest for £221, realised I didn’t have my passport with me, sulked for a bit, then watched New Girl.

Also it’s a sad tale to tell, but here goes… The White Queen has bloody well been discontinued from BBC iplayer! What’s a girl to do now with no controversial marriages and pretty crowns?

Last night G and I went to the cinema courtesy of Mother Margie Martin. We went to see Lovelace. It was good apart from I was so drunk from the pub so decided to buy snacks before hand, and chose (for god knows what reasons) a brownie and yoghurt, ate the yoghurt with my hand, in the dark,  drunk. Like I child I sat in a sticky yoghurt mess for the entire film and did not care one jot. (What is wrong with me?)

So aside from semi pornographic movies, disheartening iPlayer line ups and yoghurty messes, I don’t know what else this week is going to throw my way.

Oh yes, I do know- tonight I’m flyering dressed as a Bavarian Waitress, somebody for the love of god sling me a tenner? 

PS- I met the face of Australian Colgate- See pic no.1 


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