Had a good day today. Got up early and went for a run, ‘Hey, Gina you wanna come with me?’ ‘It’s 8.30 FUCK OFF. What’s that? Why is the cat here, aghh mhmhmhlmlml (the sound of Gina being a wriggly duvet lady and going back to sleep)’.

So the run was nice, then I paraded my sweaty body around Sainsbury’s much to the local Highgatean’s disapproval (living in a posh area, not for people that sweat) and bought various breakfast items.

See now, really not much has happened to me so i’m trying to spice up my entries (because god forbid my huge fan base (mum) stops reading my life story).

Yesterday I spent the day by myself (WHAT!!) Whilst G went bridesmaid shopping (awww). I can honestly say I did absolutely bugger all. Trying to buy the entire series one of Poirot on BBC archive genuinely constituted ticking something off the ‘to do’ list, or more the ‘to do, tried, failed, moving on’ list. 

So I thought I’d make up for lack of ‘happenings’ in the form of a little afternoon adventure to hipster sister city- Shoreditch. Was particuarly interested in finding the BoxPark ‘Bomb The Box’ live graffiti show, which I did find because my mind is an Atlas and my heart is a compass (I used the tourist maps next to the Barclays bike stands, got lost a few times). 

So I dilly dallied around Old St., Brick Lane area and photographed some cooooool graffiti (original JC, did ya have a coffee and wear a rucksack?(yes)) (felt unbearably hipster circa 2009)

Once back at HQ, I communed with G over sausages, beans and eggs. 

That brings us up to date. Going to upload more pictures tomorrow as I’m such a fantastic photographer there’s just too many and I just can’t be arsed to edit them all now (edit = contrast button on Photoshop (being sarcastic- I’m a Photoshop legend))

Picture no.7 (or the leafy one, saves you scrolling to the top and counting down 7 piccies) was a random little cubby hole (learnt the word cubby hole on a bus to school when I was about 12. Some chavs were snogging in the bus’ ‘cubby hole’. Irrelevant, but there you have it) in the wall of Brick Lane, where a foreign bloke (foreign here means not from England) offered to arrange leaves in any shape I wanted and gave me his business card. I asked him if he was on crack. I didn’t really, I was extremely two faced and told him how creative he was.

Anyhoo… current feelings are excited for Berlin, tired from lunch, aching back from editing photos for about an hour. Most probably will eventually employ an army of down to earth, well rounded elves to give me massages on Sunday afternoons. 


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