This week has been a blur and I’ve been rubbish keeping on top of blogging. MUST. BLOG. ALWAYS. BLOG.

I just turned around and had this conversation with Gina.

“Hey G, what did we do this week? I’m writing my blog.’

"I dunno man… you ate a lot of burgers. We went to the bank a bit… We used up all of Jerry’s toothpaste. I went to bed at 10pm most nights.”

So there you have it, the wild lifestyle of Croth has officially come to a standstill and I’ve resorted to toothpaste thieving.


Yes, The Croth is off on a world wind adventure to Deutschland. I’m going solo and attempting my second Couchsurfing expedition with a lovely guy called Sebastian- more details to follow in future posts.

I suppose if nothing interesting has happened I’ll let y’all into some insightful Croth ponderings, this blog is, after all called, ‘inside the mind of croth’…

London town is beautiful, bright and buzzing. I love the smell of the metro and harsh light of the underground at 8am. I love scouting out potential suitors on the train and walking unnecessarily fast. I do feel however, that it is now time for an adventure…

I think this weekend some good friends (JB & Zoe) have potential chilling and BBQing that want to do.

I’m writing this at work (See pic) and listening to Wu Tang Clan.

I still want a tattoo of a giraffe. 


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