Woooops! I said I’d post again before 11am. Think I have jinxed it as it is now Sunday.

Anyways, where did we leave off?

Right ok so this part is going to pretend it’s being written on Friday, in reference to Thursday,

‘The Battle of the Headache and the Events that Followed’

Yup, I was pretty ill on Thursday. The first day that Sabotage decides to start having an earlier start time, coincides with a hearty hangover. We rocked up at HQ 10 mins late (pretty impressive I thought). Our boss looks at me and goes, ‘fucking hell Jenn, you look awful. Go get yourself a McDonalds’. So I did. And it wasn’t actually that bad of a day- about 2pm James (the boss) took us all out to Wahaca (mexican restaurant), which was followed by a food coma (‘the best type of coma.’ said James, (didn’t have the energy/ backbone to inform him that’s a weird thing to say))

Ummmm long time ago now so struggling to remember details. Oh G and I had face masks (pic no.1). Dunno if they’re a massive placebo or not. Skin felt kinda dry afterwards (omggg tell us more) (nothing more to tell, 99p down the drain, seeya.) 

Let’s move on. Basically Thursday was really good and really bad.

I felt Fresh on Friday. James informed me I didn’t look like I was on crack anymore, brilliant. I decided to take some pictures on the way to work. Pic no. 2 is the backdoor to the Boogaloo, then pic no. 3 & 4 are on the way to work. NOW pic no. 5 IS available for anyone that wants a copy. I can do you a deal on canvas and poster prints. Har har har, look how funny I’m being. But my god, looking great JC. 

Pic no. 6 is me fannying around (computer says no to fannying, I say yes. It’s a great word. Similar to ‘bandying’, when you bandy ideas about. Going to Google it, see where the hell bandying came from. Don’t want to Google fannying if it’s not a real word and is slang for some weird sexual act) 

bandying  present participle of ban·dy (Verb)

  1. Pass on or discuss an idea in a casual way: “$40,000 is the figure that has been bandied about”.
  2. Exchange; pass back and forth: “they bandied words”.

To ‘bandy’ is to ‘exchange’, to ‘toss to and fro’. This is the source of the name of the game bandy – a ferocious ball game similar to ice hockey.

Well there you go, learning all the time.

So I was fannying around at Old Street when I found this pretty graffiti. It made me smile and stop for a moment to appreciate the natural energy that London seems to be full of. There’s so many pockets of this unexpectedness, whether it’s a sculpture or a man performing magic tricks for no apparent reason (pic no. 6).

Pic no. 7 features myself and this guy called Sam who was doing some charity work (hurrah Sam) and is from Australia. We got chatting and turns out he stayed at my beloved Retox hostel in Budapest. I wondered is it a small world or are similar people just all drawn to the same places? Anyway Sam was lovely. Hi Sam.

And finally, pic no. 8 is a little snippety snap of (snippety is a word?? thought I was being well endearing… snip·pet·y 1. Made up of snippets. 2. Informal Snippy; impertinent.) Pitfields (interior design shop, 99% sure I’ve mentioned it before. Thought it was a nice photo.

Friday evening we went for work drinks where I once again confirmed to myself and everyone else than I can still get pissed on on two drinks. Will follow up with pics in next post as to not overwhelm you all with too much literary genius and to stop being scouted as either London’s next top model or Kodak photographer of the year, the pressure would be too much and my ambitions lie else where.





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