I literally cannot remember what happened yesterday.

G is currently singing to Ciara.

Oh yes, yesterday we looked after the social media for Topman generation. It was cool to use this programme called ‘Hootsuite’ which schedules tweets online.

And after interviewing the rapper, Blizzard, we spent most of the day retouching the photos for the feature. Tedious, but necessary. 

I should mention that we have once again commandeered a cat. It’s called Hutch (from Starsky and Hutch). She’s a little bitch, but it was cuddle Tuesday so we got some lovin’. I think the best thing about the photograph of Hutch and I is the cheeky slice of knickers. They are massive and pink and were a present from my Sarah. They also say, ‘Hoppy Chirstmas’ on the bum. Deeeelightful. 

Went for a run (been running everyday) in the photographs you can see G and I looking pumped outside the Boogaloo. 

I just ate 9 olives, each with a clove of garlic inside. Breath is smelly.

Ok so I feel like this entry has taken all day to post. It’s now 6.36pm, I’m drinking wine, feeling fine, and about to get ready for a VIP party at Jalouse in Mayfair. Such fun, SUCH FUN.

Dunno what to wear though- dunno if ‘smart’ dress code allows t shirt and leggings, bollocks. 


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