It’s 7.30 am again. Not that I’m surprised, 7.30 am happens everyday. I’ve just eaten my morning apples, yoghurt and peanut butter and about to wake up G.

Yesterday was pretty mellow. Oh we got some good news! The Topman team liked some of our ideas we were pitching so we’re going to be more involved with the production of Topman Generation (their magazine). It’s not advertising as such but it’s cool to try something different.

Yesterday I spent a few hours looking at reaction Gifs to explain the different do’s and don’ts of being a fresher.

My camera charger came hurrah! So we hop skipped to Pitfields (see above) to take some pictures of the shop. We’re doing this concept for Shaun Clarkson about the ‘people of Pitfields’- a blog (if you will) exhibiting the creative characters alongside the products. (Oh very fancy). In the pictures you can see me prancing around the shop. It’s a really cool place though, everyone check it out (plug plug plug plug…)

Had a little chat with Shaun, he was wearing a fantastic stripy shirt, weldone Shaun.

After the prancing and the chatting, G and I got some quotes for tattoos (it was too bloody expensive you’ll be pleased to hear Mum & Dad). So we got the bus home. Decided that the bus was nicer than the tube- you get to see a bit of London.

I had a chicken kiev for dinner (really not much happened yesterday)

OH we went for a run then watched some Made in Chelsea. Still need to watch the other half of the White Queen (it’s bridging the gap until Game of Thrones). So you’re going to have to wait to hear my opinions on medieval incest. 

Today we’re off to work (no Jenn, seriously?). We’re manning social media for Topman today so that will be interesting (??) and probs do more Pitfields stuff. 

Mother Crothers is coming to visit on Saturday which will be nice. The original stars from Starsky and Hutch are also coming to visit me. Well, they’re having a birthday party downstairs. She’s probably just using me to meet them, but I can hardly complain when I’m already planning which pub I’m going to get her to buy me dinner at. 


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