I feel happier today and I want a new tattoo of a giraffe. I have decided this will make me feel better about life.

It’s picture time! Thought I’d mix it up a bit and have a picture of Gina and I at our desk drinking coffee. The irony is that i’m not mixing it up. 

Picture no. 2 is another little gem from the ol’ collection of Croth gone Cray album. I was drunk and my ex house mate Lyds was throwing out these fantastic mittens. Finders keepers!

Picture no. 3 is our very own Twatter (Sam, lord of the dance, Dick Van Diss, Social Media Holy Grail etc etc). He had just arrived for work. Good morning honey pie.

So after my emotional outburst on this here blog, I moped to Sainsbury’s (moped meaning walking sadly, dragging my feet. I didn’t mop the pavement the whole way to Sainsbury’s, incase there was any confusion).

I bought some some Tomato soup, bread and Quark (curve ball). I was trying to be healthy. Probably should have gotten the cheese spread. Quark promises all sorts of taste sensations but is basically like gone off milk, set into a kind of gel. 

Took my questionable dinner to bed and watched 84636178632178 episodes of Made of Chelsea. Gina wasn’t there at all (‘I love how I’m not mentioned what so ever). Joking she was there the whole time and made me feel better.

Sleep ensued because it’s a natural body process.

This morning I walked to Sainbury’s to get yoghurt and apples for breakfast. The morning felt beautiful on my skin (oh Jenn, you’re such an eloquent writer). 

Oh and I should mention that I watched half of the new episode of the White Queen this morning. Can’t decide where my emotions lay with that one because the King is now shagging his niece.


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