So I missed a post yesterday as I was chronically hungover. For those who don’t already know I threw Gina a surprise Birthday party on Friday here at the Boogaloo. It was blooming stressful trying to organise it as we’re pretty much joined at the hip. But I pulled it off and we had a lovely night with even lovelier people. Irish bought G a birthday gateau which was a good idea at the time but after everyone drunkenly scrabbled around for a piece, there was gateau foam (I don’t know what that chocolate cream stuff is actually called) everywhere.

We went to Camden for a pint (I didn’t have a drink, I was too drunk) then got cabs to Clapham where we continued the party at Zoe’s flat. 
On the way home in the morning, I met with an old friend of mine called Sabba for a coffee. We haven’t seen each other for months but I still felt like no time had passed. I have a few friends like that- the ones that stick, the good eggs. Hazel is one of those people. 
Today I feel sad. I had to say goodbye to one of the most wonderful people in my life. I met him on a bus going from London to Leeds in May 2012. He’s from Australia and has not been home in two years so although I love him and cannot bear not having him near by, it was his time to go home.
G, Sarah and I went to McDonalds this morning and it felt so comforting to be sitting there with people who I know so well. It made me happy to think we’ll probably be sitting hungover, pissing ourselves laughing, in McDonalds when we’re 75 years old. 
G and I got a bit lost in Kings Cross station on the way home, but stumbled upon an elderly man playing the piano. It honestly took my breath away. He was wearing a suit and trainers and had a little carrier bag with a newspaper in it. I don’t know why the piano was there, but by the time he was finished, we were stood with about 100 people in complete silence. I wouldn’t say this moment cheered me up, but it allowed me to stop for a second and absorb all the crazy events that seemed to have started the day I met Paul on that bus. I concluded in my head that it’s ok to be sad. Saying goodbye is tough sometimes, but it means you are lucky enough to have had something, or someone special in your life.
This post seems depressing when I re- read it over, but I just have had one of those weekends that have put a lot of things in perspective for me, like the fact Sarah didn’t know about my new shoes I got on eBay. This struck a chord, because for the past three years of my life Sarah has known my wardrobe inside and out. Half of it would be on her bedroom floor, and half of hers on mine. It’s definitely a new chapter now, and I definitely need a shower. 
PS- I promise to be happy tomorrow. 
PPS- Picture no. 1 above is the pastry and book Gina bought me to say thank you for throwing her a surprise birthday party. Picture no. 2 is of Paul when he came to visit me in Leeds. 

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