This Poem is About Gina

An Ode to Gina
I’m sitting at my desk with Gina,
Have you ever seen her?
She’s got on dark lipstick,
And sometimes talks very quick,
But she’s really quite funny,
And she likes green tea with honey.
I have to wake her up in the morning,
With her, life is never boring,
Yesterday we shopped on Oxford Street,
So much that we hurt our feet.
We drink coffee and peanut butter
Gina is a complete nutter,
But that’s ok because so am I,
She is the apple of my eye.
I CBA to take more selfies. I’ve ran out of interesting stuff to mix them up a bit, so instead I wrote this ode to Gina (G). 
SO. Yesterday we went shopping after work on Oxford Street. ‘Let’s pop into Primark’- famous last words. There is no such thing as popping into Oxford Street Primark for some socks. It would have been easier and less stressful to cut my feet off so I no longer had the need for socks. An exaggeration yes, but it was a bloody horrible hour of being shunted along a throng of people vying for the mirror, throwing clothes on the floor and yelling at one another. 
I wrote a piece for an article advising people on where to go to uni (Leeds obviously), which got some good feedback from one of the writers here so that was nice. Also worked on a pitch for 6Music about Leeds’ student music scene. Talking of pitches (nearly wrote bitches, made me lol) we heard back from one we sent a few weeks ago for Size? and the proposed idea for some ‘Trainer trump cards’. Apparently they’re up for it! Awesome! 
Tonight we have some friends coming to the Boogaloo for Gina’s birthday, so yes I do have this so called ‘Friday Feeling’ now, and can successfully join in conversations about being glad it’s the weekend, whereas when I was a student (cry), all you needed was for the sun to come out, ‘Hey it’s sunny, let’s spend the whole week in the park drinking cider’. 
It’s raining in London today.
I think i’m just about ready to go to Tesco and get my salad.
Kirsten sent me a massive box of food yesterday which was lovely/ stopped me from dying of starvation.
I think the last bit of each blog post should be thought provoking and/or funny. Going to have butchers at stumble upon.
Okay all these facts are actually really interesting. Learn something new today! G’wan it’s Friday! Then you can do dumb shit all weekend, knowing you’re still smarter than you were on Thursday.

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