I feel I need to explain the photographs for today firstly and foremost.

These for some reason never made the cut for profile pics on my Facebook, but whilst trawling through iPhoto for the blog entry today, I realised how many undiscovered beauties (yes there’s more) I have taken of myself, when feeling particularly fruity.

I don’t know what I’m trying to achieve here. It definitely isn’t sexual attraction from men. In picture no. 1 I’m just chilling at uni in my favourite jumper. In pic no. 2, I decided to dress like a man on my own because I was bored. I managed to break my new eyebrow pencil whilst drawing on my goatee. Pic no. 3 was a morning when I fell asleep with braids in my hair- I look terrifying. I think I’m sitting on the front step of my beloved Ash Grove house in Leeds, putting the world to right with Sarah. Now, pic no. 4 is me documenting my tragic life as I used body butter to moisturise my face, it’s pretty self explanatory really. 

Yesterday was Gina’s birthday. We never went to the focus group, unless focus group means get pissed in camden, then I guess we whole heartedly went to the focus group. That’s confusing. We didn’t go to the damn focus group.

Camden was fun, albeit expensive. The barman was a tool. 

It rained and we got the bus to the restaurant. The food was awesome (I had a rogan josh with naan and rice). So thank you Margie and Roy!

I sat down at the bar and watched these irish blokes do some singing. It was brilliant, weldone chaps. 

Work was super duper fun yesterday. We contacted the mc ‘Blizzard’ to do an interview and shoot for Topman generation (Topman’s online magazine (Sabotage does all the content for it). So that went ahead yesterday. We got a taxi with Twatter and this bloke we nicknamed ‘Juggles’ (long story, need to type faster as the day is getting on). I collected blizzard and his ‘entourage’ from the train station with latte in hand (felt cool, doesn’t, happen often, see pictures above for full explanation of this). He was awesome and really smart.

Anyway this is all a bit rubbish on the details but I need to do some proper work now. Um? I’ve eaten a nectarine and some blue berries (which I bought off a bloke (sounds dodgy, he was running a fruit stall on Goodge St.) who had a strong London accent. Gina decided to become Dick Van Dyke ‘oh yeeah ‘av an old feel of ma fruit will ya guvnor’. Didn’t go down well) and now i’m drinking a cup of tea. 

Final thoughts for the morning? My nectarine has a bottom. OK fine i’ll upload a picture of it. 


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