This morning I woke up at 6am to prepare breakfast. balloons, bunting and most importantly remind myself of all the ways I love her JOKINGGG- I had to wrap her presents (which were awesome btw).

We ate granola and peanut butter because we’re wild.

Can we appreciate the balloons in pic 2? I had to do a bit of DIY on them as they say HAPPY 21ST. (It’s her 22nd FYI)

So yesterday was good and bad. Bad because Tuesdays are pants, but good because Gina won a competition. So we’re off to a VIP party next Wednesday with the Made in Chelsea cast, with free champagne (probs lambrini) and potential cash prizee (probs a fiver) (definitely still going to make it last) (wooahhhooowooowhaaaat?) (What?). Hurrah!

Today we’re at work (oh the daily grind, what ya like aye). BUT we’re going off for a ‘focus group’ for ‘advertising’ and get paid ‘£25’. Dunno why that was in quotations, we actually are getting paid £25.

In other news, Gina’s parents have lovingly paid for us to go for a slap up din dins at a fantastic Indian restaurant tonight. VIP parties and fancy dinners (not to self; need to bring something to the relationship soon)

I’m looking at two kinder eggs on the desk. 

Oh yeah they’re part of the super fun bumper pack that G got from her parents. (See pic 4) (Me pretending to eat them all at once)

So tonight we’re going to get fed, boozed and focussed apparently. 

Must ring parents soon. I highly doubt they read this drivel. Maybe I should start posting stuff like, ‘So I totes sacked off the placement then Gina and I broke into an abandoned warehouse and… you know… did some skateboarding?* (Is that what cool people do?) (That’s probably why they’re not worried. They are fully aware they have raised a fully rounded, boring, un- cool daughter)

*Can’t skateboard. Tried it once (alone) and got stuck. I had to yonk (computer decided YONK is not a word) myself along a narrow corridor until I could throw myself off onto something softer than concrete.


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