The photographs are in order of whence they happened. My favourite is the first. I had just woken up and still had the iPhoto open from the night before. It makes me laugh though, just had to lay there as it took one. How many rolls of excess skin on my neck can you see? (Don’t think that would catch on as a children’s game)

Today is Tin Tin’s birthday, we made him a card (the letters were my idea, cut out from a ‘TimeOut’ magazine. Hurrah for resourcefulness (was worried that wasn’t a word, but I didn’t get a red squiggly (that’s a real word too, but it had a blue line underneath, I think computer is saying, ‘Hmm, ‘squiggly’ can’t possibly be in the dictionary, but it definitely sounds cool, a blue line it is! I’ll let you decide’) line so let’s continue.

In the third picture I’d like to pay homage to one of my most prized possessions. This hat was made by a man called Erik who I stayed with when I went couch surfing in Munich last year. He crocheted it himself with a triangle design as I have a triangle tattoo on my back (we’ll save that story for another blog post (‘no Jenn tell us now it sounds like a riveting tale))

Picture four features G and I and our wonderful birthday card we made for Tin Tin. 

The tube is back to normal this morning, praise be! Tom Ward (my Facebook friend) started an internship at Sabotage today! How nice. He’s written a book. That’s all I know about him but as the friendship blooms I can say more on the man. (I have no reason for having him as a friend on Facebook so I can’t be like, oh my mate from childhood/school/work/prison) (Didn’t got to prison- trying to be funny)

I’m back up to date with ‘The White Queen’. A rollercoster of period drama emotions. The poor cow was reminicing about her dead hubby in episode 9. It tugged on the heart strings, but then I remembered he died of syphilis, dirty bastard. It really riles me up how men way back when could explain to their wife that they must have mistresses as they are ‘The King’. Also bitter about my alternative life plan of becoming a princess never came to fruition, sods law really. (Total misuse of sods law?)

In other news, because of the launch of Lovelace the movie, G and I have been invited to a private screening of a hardcore cult porn movie, with an after party at a strip club. Don’t know how to expand on that, you probably feel the same way as I do. Concerned, shocked, surprised and wondering if I’ve accidentally taken crack. 


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