So yesterday was indeed Friday, it’s currently Saturday morning at 8.00. Goddamn my natural body clock. In the photos can you can just make out G, dreaming away, what a bitch. 

Work yesterday was good! I wrote some hilarious stuff (??) for Topman which they used! Hurrah! But then one of the editors got a Twitter attack because it was too stereotyping. If only angry twitter person knew that the writer thought Vienna was in spain, maybe they’d be a little more understanding. (I’m talk about myself.)

Picture 1 is me singing along to ‘Hang me out to dry’ by Cold War Kids. I fell asleep to this song as I previously discussed, yesterday was Friday, which for some people means #yolo #disco #drinking #coldwarkids. For Gina and I it meant #holycrapimtiredareyoutiredyesletsgotobedgoddamnthemusicokloveyounightnighticantstillhearthemusicnevermindZzzzZzzz

A guy who writes some Starwars magazine came in the the office, he seemed cool. Kinda expected him crashing down the office door with a light sabre. Or is that star trek? Once again, my pop culture knowledge evaded me so I just made small talk with un-armed Starwars guy.

The book in picture three (I have no explanation for the expression, so we’ll discuss the book) is Pete Doherty’s. Our wonderful Irish landlord Jerry is a chummy ol’ pal of PD’s so left us a copy each in the living room. Isn’t that nice?

We had a chat with Irish landlord last night and we’re now looking into doing some work for Supreme with Shaun MacGowan (from the Pogues) and Pete Doherty, which would be cool because I’m shallow and have decided to marry someone famous, regardless of whom they are. Jennifer Doherty.

I’m going to wake Gina up in a minute to see if she wants eggs on toast. (Irrelvant, but just making a point I would make an excellent wife (eggcellent? (NO))). 

Really starting to appreciate the weekends. G and I have decided to go to a museum and then maybe explore the village we’re living in, have coffee, talk about how wonderful everything is. This is code for sleep more, have lunch, watch New Girl, take photos of ourselves, then get drunk. Saturday mornings always seem like the perfect time to ‘get things done’, but that’s only in Thursday’s opinion, sometimes Friday agrees, Wednesday couldn’t give a shit- Tuesday and Monday haven’t spoken to Saturday in a long time so wouldn’t feel right sticking their nose in. Saturday’s changed it’s mind. Saturday feels that perhaps New Girl is just as informative and thrilling as the Tate Modern. I think Saturday might have a point.*

*Sunday made no comment. (Probably because it’s just a day of the week and can’t speak) 


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