After graduating with a (dunno what grade I got, the buggers wont give it to me as I still have to hand a library book back (yeah I took library books out probably the only reason my parents don’t mind- actual proof I did some reading at uni)) I have decided to take on London with a heart full of ambition and a bank full of lint, but it’s okay because I have my G (Gina Martin, more coverage to follow of this person). 

The croissant in image two was bought by Tom, the office’s very own tin tin, come DJ, come editor. He bought them from Tesco, which is a massive shock seen as he has some personal vendetta against the place, especially the salad bar.

This is not my first day at work, but it’s the first time I’ve been arsed to start documenting my ‘adult real life do something now’ world (This is my third week). This morning Gina and I had the fry up we always said we were going to have. We got on the tube and read the metro. Our Boss’ PA has just put the day into perspective for us, ‘It’s fuckkking Friday, it’s fucking Friday’. FYI This is my grown up desk, with my morning juice. 


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